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Tuesday, December 08, 2009
The National Fatherhood Initiative has just released their landmark study, "Mama Says: A National Survey of Mother's Attitudes on Fathering". Conducted by researchers from the University of Texas, this fascinating study takes an in-depth look at how today's mothers view fathers and fatherhood. So, what did "Mama Say"? Some of the key findings include:
  1. 93% of moms believe there is a father absence crisis.
  2. Most moms think dad is replaceable.
  3. Married and cohabiting moms were happier with dads' performance than moms not living with dad.
  4. Married moms believe more in the power of marriage to help dad be the best he can be than moms who are cohabitating or separated from dad.
  5. Dads of young children got better marks than dads of teens.
  6. Closeness to children and work-family balance were the biggest predictors of mom's satisfaction with dad (after living arrangement).
  7. Most moms said they could do a better job of work-family balance if dad provided more help.
  8. Moms said that "work responsibilities" were the biggest obstacle to dad's success in fathering.
  9. Strong religious values are beneficial to helping dads be better fathers.
  10. Moms think communities of faith are the top place for dads to get fathering help.
  11. Nonresident dads think they're doing a better job than the moms who co-parent with them think they are.
  12. African-American moms weren't as happy as white or other minority moms, but most of the difference can be explained by living situation or family structure.
  13. New romantic relationship for dads equals less happy moms.
  14. Moms who aren't living with the father of their children identified more and stronger obstacles to his ability to parent.
The full study can be found here

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