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Wednesday, December 02, 2009
Mike Huckabee urges pro-life advocates to be consistent on abortion, euthanasia
"For me, it's not a political issue, it's a matter of principle," he said. “"Some people try to make it an issue of abortion, but it's really about every human life having value, dignity and intrinsic worth."

"People say I'm anti-abortion," Huckabee added, according to the Purdue Exponent. "That does not describe me actively, accurately or efficiently. I'm not anti- anything. I am for treating people as I'd like to be treated."

Huckabee struck a chord often mentioned by pro-life advocates in noting how the devaluing of some human lives -- such as those of unborn children -- results in lessening the value of others -- like the elderly or disabled.

"This is why every person must get involved – you have to stand up and speak up or this is what can happen," he said. "Once a culture begins to devalue human life, it begins to deteriorate."

"We cannot allow our country to get to the point where we decide that one life is expendable and another is valuable," he added. "We need to recognize the worth of all human beings, not only in politics, but in culture."

Huckabee drew comparisons to slavery -- saying “as a country, we didn't get it quite right for a while” -- but that pro-life advocates need to continue fighting until abortion is ended.

"That's what we need to work for and pray for," he said. "Until then, we are not a nation of life."

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