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Thursday, November 05, 2009
Sen. Casey won't 'draw line in sand' on abortion-funding in health care bill
Casey said he would not answer a "hypothetical" question about whether he would vote for the final version of the health care bill even if it permitted federal funding of abortion.

Casey, who is pro-life, spoke with after his speech on Tuesday to The Jerusalem Conference on Capitol Hill, where he discussed the Middle East peace process and health care reform. asked Casey if he thinks it is morally right to force taxpayers to pay for any part of a health care plan that covers abortion. He said, "No, I think what we should do is have a health care plan that's consistent with what the Hyde amendment has done over 25 years with regard to the appropriations process. That's what we're trying to do now."[..]

"What I will do is what I did in the committee when, if there will be amendments to the bill, if necessary, I think it will be necessary that involve making sure public dollars don't pay for abortion, and I'll vote for those amendments," Casey told

"But I've tried on every issue not to draw lines in the sand about if this is in the bill or that," he said. "I've done the same thing on the public option. Some people say, some people in the Democratic Party say if there's not a public option, they won't vote for the bill. I'm a supporter of that: the public option."

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