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Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Planned Parenthood injunction request fails; Former clinic director scores victory in court
A district court judge denied a request for an injunction against Abby Johnson, who resigned as director of a Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas abortion facility in Bryan/College Station last month. The judge also denied a similar request directed at the Coalition for Life, the local pro-life organization that started the 40 Days for Life campaign in Bryan/College Station five years ago.

According to news reports, Judge J.D. Langley said Planned Parenthood did not offer convincing reasons "to warrant the extreme remedy of injunctive relief." Planned Parenthood had initiated the court action to block disclosure of confidential information about patients, which is something Johnson said she had never intended to do.

Johnson was very pleased with the court's decision, which opens the door for her to offer more specifics about her work at Planned Parenthood and the reasons she resigned. After watching an abortion procedure on an ultrasound machine, she had a change of heart about abortion and was unable to continue working at the clinic.

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