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Monday, November 16, 2009
From Pro-Life Action League:

Pro-life activists to burst Planned Parenthood's bubble on limiting free speech

Pro-Life Action League to oppose new bubble zone ordinance and reveal malpractice lawsuits against near North Planned Parenthood

When: Tuesday, November 17, 2009

10:00 a.m. – Press conference and Protest

What: Chicago's new "bubble zone" ordinance goes into effect Tuesday, which prohibits pro-lifers from coming within eight feet of any person approaching an abortion facility. This ordinance limits sidewalk counseling by pro-life activists and violates the First Amendment rights of protesters outside abortion facilities in Chicago. The Pro-Life Action League has organized a press conference and protest at Planned Parenthood's Near North facility to send a message that the new ordinance is an unconstitutional attempt at stopping free speech.

The press conference will share information about the malpractice lawsuits against Planned Parenthood's Near North facility, including:
  • Wrongful death due to bleeding from a careless abortion procedure
  • Perforation of the uteri of several women during abortion procedures
  • Misdiagnosis of pregnancy and age of the unborn child
  • Careless performance of blood tests and follow-up care

Where: Planned Parenthood – Near North facility
1200 N LaSalle Dr, Chicago, Ill.

Who: Dozens of protesters are expected to be outside Planned Parenthood with picket signs.

A press conference organized by the Pro-Life Action League will include the following speakers:
  • Joe Scheidler, National Director, Pro-Life Action League
  • Julie Grisalano, Sidewalk counselor at Planned Parenthood
  • Catherine Mieding, Sidewalk counselor

Visuals: Pro-Life protesters with signs
Speakers at podium delivering information
Enlarged malpractice lawsuit documents in "bubbles"
Planned Parenthood facility
Bubble Zone ordinance in action

Alexa swing by at 7:21 PM

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