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Thursday, October 08, 2009
Footage show pro-abort students shouting down pro-life presenter at McGill University; two arrested
The videotaped presentation, entitled 'Echoes of the Holocaust', was given by the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform's Jose Ruba and hosted by McGill University's Choose Life club. The talk aimed to draw a parallel between past genocidal atrocities and abortion. The entire ordeal is now available on YouTube.

As Ruba began to speak, a woman in the audience stood up and told him that he was not welcome. A group then began banging on desks and shouting, "Please go! Please go!"

After Ruba explained to the protesters that he would like to hear their side of the debate, one of them shot back, "It's not a debate!" Another told Ruba to "f**k off!" and another said, "We don't need hate speech at our university."

Ruba began displaying images on the screen, prompting the mob to take over the front of the room and block them. Smiling and laughing as they prevented Ruba from speaking, they made noise in a variety of ways, such as singing children's songs and telling jokes. At one point, they even sang 'Happy Birthday' to abortion, in English and French.

Security asked the protesters to be quiet or leave, but when the protesters refused, security backed off. They intervened occasionally as protesters stood on tables, grabbed at Ruba's written materials, or fiddled with equipment.

View the footage here

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