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Wednesday, September 02, 2009
Texas physician opens online service to combat abortion industry
Twenty years ago a young resident physician was called in to save the life of an aborted baby boy. The memories of the child's fight for his life stirred Ron Bryce, M.D., and his wife Lydia, to join the pro-life movement in earnest with financial and political support.

"Abortion became deeply personal to me after that experience," Bryce recalls. "My little patient gave it a human face." Now the Bryce's are taking their war to the streets by helping individuals directly fight the abortion industry. "It's very frustrating for regular citizens who are repulsed by abortion to watch what's going on in Washington," said Bryce. "We decided to create a service that would empower them to save babies' lives, one property at a time."

That is when Pro-Life Properties of Texas, LLC, was born. It is an online document preparation service to help individuals prepare, and file, pro-life deed restrictions on their properties.

Pro-Life Properties is available to all property owners in Texas, and is a simple, cost-effective means of restricting abortion-related activities on any property, in perpetuity. Individuals can deed-restrict residences, stand-alone buildings, shopping centers or raw land.

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