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Tuesday, September 09, 2008
Santa Clara County case demonstrates need for family notification law, says Proposition 4 campaign
A Santa Clara County sexual predator impregnated his 13-year-old stepdaughter, forced her to undergo a late-term abortion, then continued to molest her for another seven months until the child's mother discovered the abuse and contacted police, the Yes on Proposition 4 Campaign revealed yesterday.

Despite two visits to a Planned Parenthood clinic and a surgical abortion at San Francisco General Hospital, no healthcare provider bothered to inform law enforcement, the campaign said in a news release.

"This heart-rending and tragic real-life case illustrates better than any theoretical argument why Proposition 4 is so desperately needed in California," said Katie Short, a campaign spokeswoman. "Had Proposition 4 been in place, the victim's mother would have learned of the pregnancy and been there for her daughter. She would have contacted law enforcement right away, and spared her daughter months more of abuse. Think about it: how long would this abuse have continued – or even been inflicted on this victim's younger sister or other young girls -- had the mother not happened to find out?"

"Obviously, Californians cannot rely on assurances from abortion providers that they are protecting children," she added. "Are there any predators in jail right now because of a report from Planned Parenthood?"

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