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Friday, August 22, 2008
From Students for Life of America:

Infamous abortionist proves need for Born Alive Act; Obama rejects

Late-term abortionist Dr. Tiller caught on tape admitting that babies can be born alive during an abortion, proving need for legislation Barack Obama voted against

ARLINGTON, VA - Students for Life of America (SFLA) has released video exposing footage of abortionist Dr. George Tiller of Wichita, KS openly discussing children who "slip out" accidentally during an abortion and are "born alive," or with a "heartbeat," during the Feminist Majority Foundation's annual Women's Leadership Conference, held at the National Education Association (NEA) on March 9, 2008. Dr. Tiller, who currently faces 19 criminal charges for illegal late-term abortions in the state of Kansas, initially stated, "If the baby is born alive, that is sloppy medicine."

When pressed about the Born Alive Infants Protection Act and Senator Barack Obama's opposition to it, Dr. Tiller admitted, "Let's say you have 15 or 16, you had one slip out with a heartbeat; that is not a viable fetus, but that is born alive or has a heartbeat. Then you have to take that non-viable fetus and rush it directly to the hospital against the woman's wishes."

In this video, pro-abortion hero, Dr. George Tiller, admits that children are sometimes born alive during abortion procedures, making the Born Alive Infants Protection Act all the more necessary to protect babies delivered through "sloppy medicine" from being killed. Dr. Tiller's information is damaging to Barack Obama's recent statements on his voting record against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act while serving in the Illinois State Senate. As Barack Obama stated to defend his position at the time, this situation creates a "burden" on those attempting to end the life before them.

Barack Obama spoke out and voted against the bill in the Illinois State Senate. The bill became federal law in 2002 through wide bi-partisan support.

Dr. Tiller states in the video that he plans on voting for "the Democrat" in this presidential election.

The conference and personal interview with Dr. Tiller was videotaped by SFLA staff at NEA headquarters.

Full video available online at:

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