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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Courtney Love resisted pressure to have an abortion, new memoir reveals
A new memoir reveals that those closest to Love encouraged her to abort her child with Kurt Cobain, front man of the rock band Nirvana, due to health complications Love's heroine use was expected to cause her child.

"You're not telling me to have a [bleep]-ing abortion, are you?' asked Courtney, her voice rising with her trademark hostile whine. 'I mean I'm pro-choice, but that doesn't mean that anyone has the right to tell me to have a [bleep]ing abortion.'" reports former CEO of Warner Bros. Records and Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg in his new book "Bumping Into Geniuses."

"[The doctor] suggested that it might not be safe for the baby, and Courtney, who was only six weeks pregnant, went into a confrontational mode. 'Is that a medical fact, or is that just your opinion? I want to see it in a medical book.' She was interested in medical facts, not a sermon."

"[He] sheepishly acknowledged that at this early stage of pregnancy a woman could discontinue heroin use with no physical or psychological damage to the fetus. Courtney looked triumphant as she towered over the doctor seated at his desk," recalled Goldberg.

After ending heroine use, Love gave birth to a completely healthy child named Frances Bean in August 1992.

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