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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Planned Parenthood again offends Christians with 'Choice on Earth' holiday greeting card

In its continual attempt to 'normalize' abortion, Planned Parenthood has once again chosen to offend the Christian community by releasing the latest edition of its 'Choice on Earth' holiday cards, said Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life League's STOPP International. "Contrary to the open-minded image the abortion organization aims to present for itself, Planned Parenthood has zero tolerance for anyone-or any religious group-that recognizes abortion as an evil act that kills a preborn baby."

"By replacing 'peace' with 'choice,' or more accurately, 'killing the innocent on earth,' Planned Parenthood is essentially saying 'abortion on earth,'" Sedlak said. "This blatant mockery of Christian values - and of Christ Himself - truly demonstrates the bigoted, anti-religion, anti-God nature of Planned Parenthood."

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On March 1, 1989, Erica Richardson, a 16-year-old Maryland resident, bled to death from a punctured uterus only hours after undergoing an abortion. During the next five months, two adult women, Gladys Estanislao and Debra Gray, also died from abortion complications. They too were residents of Maryland. Shockingly, none of these three women was even granted that smallest of recognitions -- becoming a statistic. The official statistics issued by Maryland public health officials showed that there were no deaths from abortion in 1989. Indeed, Maryland only reported a single abortion-related death for the entire decade of 1980 to 1989.

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Another wild warm day. I woke up early today, tired from whatever that was going on yesterday -- but I don't suppose you'd want to hear about that, would you? Not about my visit to the Court, the nursery, or perhaps my cathartic supermarket trip? Or how my arse hurts from sitting too long waiting for Hal, the mediator and the judge, or how much time I actually spent at the mall just choosing my candles and supplies for the next sabbath? Nah, I don't think so. Hmph. Apparently too much of these stuff kills. *sigh*

Teddy is talking about taking us to the gorgis new island resort near Phuket, Thailand, and I am secretly delighted. Whee!

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Monday, November 29, 2004
I had an abortion three months ago. Out of all the things I've done wrong it is the biggest mistake I will ever make. I keep asking myself why I did it and nothing I come up with is acceptable. It is the most terrible feeling knowing that I killed an innocent, unborn baby because of my selfishness.

- 18 year-old Sarah

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It's a girl.. and a boy!

Actress Julia Roberts gave birth to twins Hazel Patricia Moder and Phinnaeus Walter Moder on Sunday morning at a Southern California hospital. Whee!

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Sunday, November 28, 2004
The smile on your face
Lets me know
That you need me
There's a truth
In your eyes
Saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says
You'll catch me
Whenever I fall

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Another nurse tells why she quit doing abortions:

A mother in her mid-20's who already had two children and felt she couldn't afford another. She was down on her chart as four months pregnant but she was so visibly pregnant that we on the staff suspected she was further than she admitted. When the doctor arrived to do the abortion, none of us wanted to assist him. But then one of the new shift coming on agreed to assist and the doctor did the saline injection.

Two and a half hours later, the mother delivered a baby boy who was crying pitifully. He seemed 22 to 24 weeks old and was much too big to go in the milkshake carton. The assisting nurse was very upset: in fact, all the staff were weeping - the head nurse, the practical nurses and the nurse's aide. They called the evening supervisor, who took the tiny boy to the intensive care nursery (they despised us because of the work we were doing). The intensive care people said nothing could be done to save the baby.

They told her: "If you people want to murder babies, that's your problem; you keep him." They didn't want to listen to him crying, you see. The supervisor wrapped the baby in a blanket and carried him with her, soothing him and loving him; she was crying. He died in her arms about two hours later."

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Dungeons and Teens - Planned Parenthood's new theme

Mike Fichter, Executive Director of Indiana Right to Life, talks about who Planned Parenthood is sending into schools around the country on LifeTalk.

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Towards a constancy of values: It starts with the unborn

Susan at Res Publica writes:

"I was reading a discussion about values, with someone who called themselves pro-choice, that is, pro-abortion.

It got me to thinking about moral stances, and their implications. Let's start with abortion. The normal argument, the argument that was presented to me at the start of this thought, is mother's rights vs. rights of the unborn.

Think about it. The choice comes down to whether a mother has the right to commit a killing of a living person in order to not have to deal with that person , either by raising it herself or turning it over to the authorities. It's overwhelmingly a choice of convenience, with only a tiny fraction dealing with birth defects, medical need or, or rape and incest. It's a case of a mother deciding that she just doesn't want to deal with it. Or her significant other, or parent.

So a human being, in the most defenseless part of its life, is killed to make her mother's life more convenient.

Any rights based on killing someone so that someone else is not inconvenienced is already an immoral choice.

The morality that says nine months of a woman's life is more valuable than the life of a baby. She doesn't even have to raise that baby, just give it enough time to be born. This says that life that isn't convenient is not very valuable."

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Emily at After Abortion has posted this story on Princess Diana -- The Drudge Report is reporting allegations that the late Princess of Wales had a secret abortion to cover up an affair in 1994:

"DIANA, Princess of Wales had a secret abortion while having an affair before she and Charles were divorced, a new book sensationally claims.

The book says that Diana freaked out when she learned she was pregnant in 1994 and became almost unhinged with misery and grief.

At the time, the Princess was having an affair with wealthy art dealer Oliver Hoare. According to The Real Diana, by Royal author and socialite Lady Colin Campbell, she wanted to keep the baby and told friends wistfully: Suppose it's a girl. But distraught as she was, she knew what she had to do.

The revelations, backed up by other sources who guessed Diana's secret, throw fresh light on her erratic behaviour at the time, which has often bemused Royal observers.

According to Lady Colin Campbell, Diana's misery over the abortion had altered her state of mind to such an extent that she wasn't responsible for her actions... she couldn t help herself. Day and night, day after day, night after night, she'd sit on that telephone, calling Oliver's house 30, 40, 50 times. She used her telephone. She'd go out to the call boxes on the High Street (near Kensington Palace). She'd call from her sister Sarah's house. She was desperate.

According to the book, after Diana recovered from the abortion she was overtaken with anxiety."

(Thanks to Emily for the link)

Alexa swing by at 9:33 PM

Saturday, November 27, 2004
This is Christina's story:

"As soon as we got back to school after Christmas break, my boyfriend officially broke up with me. I was scared and alone, and had never thought that he would do that. I'd always thought he'd be there to support and comfort me. I was wrong; he was only thinking of himself and how much this would "ruin his life." He had dreams and plans that he thought just couldn't work if he had the responsibility of a child..

I was 7 months pregnant at the end of my sophomore year. All during the end of that year, and throughout the summer, the father of my baby was very angry, probably also scared, and was continuously threatening me and my baby. He told me, and my friends, things like "My baby and I would die in childbirth", he wanted to kill me and was talking about ways he could. Just a week before my baby's birth, he told one of my good friends that if I didn't give the baby up for adoption, he'd "try to find a discrete way to kill it." That crushed me, I couldn't understand how he didn't love this little thing inside of me, and it was part of him too."

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I really enjoy this site.

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The Chinese woman who lost her job and was pressured to have an abortion after she became pregnant -- I ran her story a while back -- continues to be tortured in a governmental prison because she refuses to relent from her position against China's population control policies.

Mao Hengfeng has suffered during her imprisonment at a "re-education labor camp" somewhere in China. She was sentenced to the camp for two years. Mao has been bound hand and foot and suspended in midair and has been repeatedly subjected to abuse and beatings, according to Human Rights in China (HRIC).

"According to the latest reports HRIC has received, Mao has more recently been subjected to even more brutal treatment," the watchdog group indicated.

"HRIC's sources say camp police bound Mao's wrists and ankles with leather straps, and then proceeded to pull her limbs in separate directions, while demanding that she acknowledge wrongdoing," the group added.

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Friday, November 26, 2004
After a pregnant pause, we are not Scott free:

"There are important lessons that come out of this verdict. One is, pregnancy means something to most Americans and despite the garbage spewed by Planned Parenthood, unborn babies do count. Crimes against helpless women are horrible; even more so when the victim is carrying an unborn child. Too many times abusive men beat their pregnant women comatose hoping to induce an abortion. The pathetic pro-abortion forces banded together to try and stop the passage of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. Known as Laci and Connor's Law, the bill was finally passed because Congress came to its collective senses. Pro-aborts ignore the rights of women who choose to have their babies ...

The message to abusive men is: Don't be too cocky. Don't assume you'll walk off scot-free if you abuse the helpless women in your lives, whether they are wives or lovers, pregnant or not. The message is that Laci and Connor have captured the hearts of America and the media. The message is that unborn children deserve protection, and men rotten enough to kill an unborn child will be held accountable by a jury and punished.

Hopefully, this verdict will give potential baby killers a long, pregnant pause. "


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My pick for article of the day today:

Banishing the myths of backyard butchery:

"There is no denying the power of the "No coat-hangers" cry raised by abortion pressure-groups in response to recent public statements by politicians, but it is the power of emotional blackmail. It says to citizens, if you put any limits at all on abortion, women will die again in the backyard, and you will be responsible.

That vision, however, is an illusion. The whole backyard butcher scare campaign can be discredited by a few historical facts. Women will not die as a result of laws limiting abortion.

Fact one: making abortion legal or illegal has never, historically, made the slightest detectable difference to the safety of women. This is because of fact two: that medicine alone, not the law, has achieved all the magnificent gains in maternal safety."

Read the full article, Abortion: Facts Banish the Myth of the Backyard Butcher

(Thanks to Susan at Res Publica)

Alexa swing by at 2:04 PM

"I've had thirty abortions already, what's the big deal?"

Wow. Makes me wonder if you're made of stone. Hmm.

Alexa swing by at 1:51 PM

Thursday, November 25, 2004
Jill Stanek wrote: "I have tried to imagine myself in the darkened hospital room as the clock slowly ticks, alone with my thoughts, my still moving baby, and the contractions of premature labor I have brought on myself. I think each moment must be pure agony, full of fear, guilt and even change of heart. And what does a mother feel if her baby is aborted alive?

I have heard stories. I worked as a nurse in the labor and delivery department of a hospital that committed induced-labor abortion, and friends told me things.

I was told about one mom who did not speak English, and there was no interpreter when her aborted baby was born. She begged for someone to baptize her dying baby boy, but the chaplain refused because he wasn't convinced that's what she wanted.

I was told of another mom who spent four days in the hospital waiting for her abortion to be over. She finally changed her mind. She said she had four children at home, and she began thinking she was going to die. Her Catholic attending physician was notified, and he went into her room and broke her bag of waters to hurry the process along.

Two weeks ago, I actually met a mother over the telephone who underwent induced-labor abortion for her anencephalic baby (the baby had no brain).

Toni lives in Kentucky, and she described to me the induced-labor abortion of her 18-1/2 week old daughter Cecilia in early September 2002 (after passage of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which Toni had never heard of).

Toni also told me there is a subculture of mothers who aborted their anencephalic babies. They have even formed their own Internet chat group. She said, in fact, there are support groups for mothers who have aborted for every fetal handicap.

I keep thinking the agony I feel about abortion can become no deeper. I keep being wrong.

We have no idea of the magnitude of broken lives due to abortion. This is Toni's story - I'm sure one of thousands that are similar:

I aborted my handicapped baby:

"It took us 18 months to conceive. We were over the moon. It was wonderful.

Then, my routine triple screen blood test came back abnormal, and my doctor told me to go to a hospital in Nashville for a Level II ultrasound.

The ultrasound doctor was on the phone making dinner plans. I could tell the tech saw something wrong. The tech kept saying, "Dr. G--, Dr. G--." But the doc kept making her plans.

When the doctor finally got off the phone, she checked and told my husband and I she was sorry but our baby had anencephaly. She said, "What usually happens now is you terminate," and, "We have a guy here who's really good at D&Es, and you can check in right now." She did not explain what a D&E is [dilatation and evacuation: dilating the cervix, cutting the baby up, and removing the body parts]. She also described the induced-labor abortion procedure.

My first response to abortion was, "Oh my goodness, no." But Dr. G inferred it was mandatory. She told me, "You really can't carry a baby like that to term." She said I would get toxemia or polyhydramnios and wouldn't be able to have more kids. She said because the baby's skull wasn't closed, it was going to tear me up in the birth process.

We were in a tiny exam room, and they left the door open ... and I was wailing ... and the doctor went back and sat at the table with the tech, and they started talking about some party.

I wanted to know if the baby was a boy or girl. Dr. G. didn't want to look, but she started jabbing my stomach to make the baby move, and I started crying harder and told her to stop.

My husband and I drove home and called our pastor. We're Catholic and we thought, "We can't have an abortion." Fr. Jerry told my husband that because the baby wasn't viable, we could go ahead and induce. We didn't expect that answer.

I had an appointment with my doctor the next day. He said I had to make a decision really soon. He kept saying he was a Christian and he would not perform an abortion, that this was not an abortion.

All the medical personnel I talked to never explained why I had to make my decision really soon. But they kept pressuring me.

Why the pressure? My thought is they do that to get you to make the decision they want you to make. I'm sure the insurance companies want you to abort, knowing if there are any complications with a full-term delivery, the costs will rack up. I call it, "Search and destroy."

Now I feel so stupid. I didn't get on the computer and research. I'm not a sheep; I'm a well-educated person. But I was immobilized. My brain just shut down when we got that diagnosis. We just didn't know what to do.

We left the doctor's office and called our pastor again. He told us to come over and reiterated that church teaching allowed for early induction because the baby couldn't live outside the womb. He helped us with funeral plans, he anointed me, he prayed with us.

Cecelia was kicking and rolling. I mentioned it a couple times. Fr. Jerry looked funny.

The situation was impossible. I remember calling any number of people on the phone, saying this didn't seem right, but it was as if this were our only choice. People asked me what the priest said and then agreed with him.

I can't tell when the magic moment was, but we decided this was the right thing to do. In spite of everything I know now ... the decision was incredibly lame ...I checked in to the hospital that night at 10:00 p.m.

It was a nightmare.

It was so weird. It was like I wasn't pregnant to them. I was quite large and uncomfortable and afraid and in shock, but no one tried to comfort me.

They must have hooked me up to an IV. The doc on call came in and gave the first dose of Cytotec vaginally. I think he gave me another dose, but by that time I had been given pain relief medication, and it made me crazy. I began crying so hard about the baby. I asked for an epidural all night, but for some reason they didn't want to give me one.

The last time I felt Cecelia kick was around 5:00 a.m. They never monitored her.

I didn't know what was going to happen. They didn't tell me anything. I kept asking the doctor on call, "Is this an abortion?" He kept saying no.

I was hoping she would be born alive, but at the same time I didn't want her to. The nurse said some of these babies have a "weird persistent heartbeat." On either side of us, people were having babies ... all that cheering. At that point, I became unglued.

The pains started getting more intense, but I didn't ask for any more pain relief. I wanted to be lucid.

About 3:30 p.m. I felt something move. My husband and I looked at each other for a long while. We called the nurse, and she checked me and said the baby was close. It took 35 to 40 minutes for the doctor to come in. While I was moving to prepare to push, she came out.

I thought I saw her move, but I don't think so. Her umbilical cord was white.

I reached down and grabbed her and held her. The doctor kept asking me for her. I finally handed her over.

After he looked her over, we got to hold her again for awhile, until the nurse said she had to clean her up. They took pictures of her on white paper. We held her again for awhile longer. Then the funeral director came. I heard him talking to the nurses outside the door about wanting to pick up "the tissue".

I knew what I did was so wrong. I held her, and I kissed her, and I kissed her. Then I did something really bad. I was so hungry. I wanted to eat my dinner. They gave me Salisbury steak and took the baby. I could have held her longer, but I ate instead. We never got to hold her again.

This was Saturday. I checked out of the hospital. We went to the funeral home on Sunday. I knew I was in the building with her, but the funeral director didn't want me to see her. He said they put powder on her to preserve her.

A couple weeks later Respect Life Month began. Fr. Jerry (mind you, this is the same guy who said an 18-1/2 baby wasn't viable and hence OK to abort. Hmm.) gave a homily that we must protect life from conception to natural death. I wanted to throw up.

I became really afraid that I did something so terrible. Any time my husband was gone, or my [older] daughter, I would be terrified they were going to die. Until John was eight months old [born a year after Cecelia], I gave him mouth-to-mouth a couple times a night.

Around Christmastime, I called the diocese and said I needed to go to confession, and they said I needed to go to Fr. Jerry. I didn't go.

My reality was so shaken up that for four months I would pull up to a traffic light and not know if it was really OK to go when the light turned green.

No one wanted to talk about Cecelia, which is all I wanted to do. When someone finally would, they would wonder why I was so sad.

One of the reasons induced-labor abortion is attractive is that you get to see your baby. I've talked to so many moms online who had D&Es and are really hungry for the visual they didn't get. They imagine their babies were cut up. Almost to a person, these moms have spent a million hours online looking at anencephalic babies. Most of them have looked at D&E babies, too.

There are so many broken hearts and destroyed lives out there. It's not something you can go back and fix. It's better for me now, but it doesn't go away.

My son was born almost a year after Cecelia in the same hospital on Sept. 4. She was born Sept. 7. I didn't want them to take him to the nursery.

I knew if I was in the hospital on the day Cecelia was born, John would die. We checked out on Sept. 6. I had to get us out of the hospital before the Salisbury steak menu came out."

*Notes and emphasis added*

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"A heartbeat can be so joyful!"

-- from a stork radio banner

Alexa swing by at 10:18 PM

Here's a new article for Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life:
Abortion can lead to child abuse

"Since the legalization of abortion, child abuse has increased... Abuse is more likely to occur among "wanted" children. Canadian psychiatrist Philip Ney reports the same findings. He writes, "When I investigated the relationship between child abuse and abortion and reported a direct correlation, people were angry and astonished. It appeared that the rate of child abuse did not decrease with freely available abortions. In fact, the opposite was true. In parts of Canada where there were low rates of abortion there were low rates of child abuse. As the rates of abortion increased, so did child abuse... Indeed, it is a vicious cycle. That is, parents who have been involved in abortion are more likely to abuse and neglect their children. Mothers and fathers who were abused as children are more likely to abort their child"

The first thing that has to be noted when examining the relationship between abortion and child abuse is that abortion is child abuse. Dismembering a born child would certainly be considered among the worst possible forms of abuse. Medical textbooks and court testimonies use the very same word, "dismemberment," to describe what is done to an unborn child by abortion. How, then, is this not child abuse?

Allowing the abuse of an unborn child, then, creates an atmosphere in which -- more quietly and secretly -- we justify the abuse of born children. The child becomes the scapegoat for our unresolved conflicts. As the Israelites in the Old Testament placed their sins upon the goat, who was then led out into the desert, we allow the child, particularly when still in the womb, to suffer for our sins.

The two forms of child abuse -- on the unborn (abortion) and on the born -- reinforce each other by a mutual causality. Abortion results in more post-partum depression, which inhibits bonding with subsequent children. Conversely, the wounds of abuse are echoed in the essentially self-destructive act of abortion later in life."

Read more, including Part II of the article here.

Alexa swing by at 9:06 PM

A Kentucky man is being charged under a new law after beating his pregnant wife so severely that her unborn child died as a result. Eric Adam Trask was arrested Tuesday in the assault of his wife Samantha E. Trask and the death of her 5 month-old unborn baby. He was also charged with violating a protective order prohibiting him from having contact with her.

Thank God for the Unborn Victim of Violence Act!

The Unborn Victims of Violence Act protects pregnant women and allows prosecutors to charge criminals who kill or injure an unborn child in an attack on a pregnant woman with two crimes instead of just one.

Alexa swing by at 9:00 PM

Is it Thanksgiving already?..

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

Over where the three musketeers are, Thanksgiving dinner will have to wait till the weekends when our "chef" Teddy arrives -- I hope you are enjoying yours!

Alexa swing by at 8:59 PM

Wednesday, November 24, 2004
""That's ridiculous," you say. "No one would want to encourage undecided pregnant women to have an abortion."

I agree that it's ridiculous, but nonetheless true. Some radical feminists encourage abortion, as opposed to "choice," because they view abortion as a sacrament -- a paranoid symbol of their collective political power, as if the repeal of woman suffrage is right around the corner. They obviously believe that a substantial reduction in abortions would result in a diminution in their power.

That's why they don't warn women of the potential health risks associated with abortion and that's why they are willing to use the coercive power of government to force unwilling providers to perform abortions. If they were pro-choice, they would allow health care providers to make their own choices.

These pro-aborts are also usually people who most loudly profess their belief in a pure separation of church and state, presumably because they don't want the state forcing its values down its citizens' throats. Yet they have no hesitation in using the government to force this "value" down our throats. "

Alexa swing by at 10:31 PM

The abortion/breast cancer link debate:

"In today's column I asserted that there is a statistical correlation between abortion and breast cancer. I have received many irate e-mails falling, generally, into two different categories. The first involves the complaint that I was implying that women who died of breast cancer must have had an abortion. A number of women e-mailed me and expressed in strong and emotional terms that they resented deeply my suggestion that their sister of mother must have had an abortion because she died of breast cancer. I'm surprised that anyone could have drawn such an inference, but I certainly didn't intend to make such a point at all. "
Read more here.

Alexa swing by at 10:25 PM

I always enjoy Ashli's Sidewalk Talk:

Alexa swing by at 10:08 PM

Alexa swing by at 10:00 PM

So I finally got my 'lemang' today. I have been having some massive craving for it since I ate it at S's place last weekend. Mom watched Tyler while I went to see my neurologist after I puked my hearts out yesterday, and I ran off to the "House of Lemang" as S's mom had recommended. I came back with a bagful of lemangs and mom said that I'm mad. Heh. Tyler was still up crawling on the playmat with Smelly by the time I got home, exhausted but high on lemang!

Alexa swing by at 9:47 PM

Tuesday, November 23, 2004
"I saw the baby pull away. I saw the baby open his mouth. I had seen Silent Scream a number of times, but it didn't effect me. To me it was just more pro-life propaganda. But I couldn't deny what I saw on the screen."

Testimonies of former abortion providers

Alexa swing by at 6:04 PM

Alexa swing by at 2:07 PM

Do something good today

(Thanks, Ashli)

Alexa swing by at 1:32 PM

So Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses that dispense RU486 have come under fire for failing to follow protocol from the FDA regarding usage of the dangerous abortion pill. Though the FDA has only approved the abortion drug to be used up to seven weeks into the pregnancy, Planned Parenthood distributes it to women who are as many as nine weeks pregnant.

Women are also given different dosages of the drug than what was approved under the FDA protocol. They also take the second pill at home and often vaginally rather than at the abortion facility and orally as the federal agency suggests.

Yet, those violations don't appear to concern Steven Galson, acting director of the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, who dismissed the concerns. "We are very interested in this issue and have looked carefully at it," Galson told the Contra Costa Times newspaper. "At this point, we have no information to make us think the off-label use is related to adverse events."

Annie has more here

Alexa swing by at 1:18 PM

A new poll of Alabama residents shows that a strong majority take a pro-life position opposing all or almost all abortions. Conducted by the Mobile Register newspaper and the University of South Alabama, the survey found that about 60% of Alabama residents said abortion should only be allowed in the very rare instances of rape, incest of when the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother. The poll also found that Alabama residents, by a 43 to 38% margin, want President Bush to appoint pro-life judges who would overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that allowed abortion.

(And that number is consistent with a similar poll taken last year finding Alabama residents opposed to the landmark Supreme Court decision)

Alexa swing by at 10:33 AM

Monday, November 22, 2004
Sometimes I feel like walking up your door and kick that bloody fat arse good. Well. Maybe I will someday. One of these days when it all gets too much to bear. How dare you do this to us, how dare you.

The massacred innocent blood stains us all
Who's responsible, you fucking are

Alexa swing by at 6:03 PM

In another bizarre expose, a family doctor has admitted to arranging a termination for a healthy patient who was 31.5 weeks pregnant at the Spanish clinic exposed by The Sunday Telegraph for carrying out illegal late-term abortions.

Dr Saroj Adlakha said that she had taken her patient, an 18-year-old university student, to the Ginemedex clinic in Barcelona on the recommendation of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), the NHS-funded charity which is Britain's biggest abortion provider. She said that she was also prepared to help arrange a similar abortion for an undercover journalists who claimed to have a daughter with a 29-week healthy pregnancy, saying she would perform an examination and give back-up care.

In covertly recorded video footage, she is shown lying to a hospital over the telephone, saying that she is with a patient "in severe pain", in order to obtain an NHS scan which could then be sent to the clinic in Spain. Dr Adlakha's confession, made repeatedly on audio and video tape recorded by undercover reporters, shows that abortions even later than previously suspected are being carried out on British women at Ginemedex. Babies born at 32 weeks have a 98 per cent chance of survival.

The GP, who has a practice in Birmingham and has worked at an abortion clinic in the past as well as functioning as a medical officer for the Family Planning Association, said that she had contacted the Ginemedex clinic after being given its details by BPAS. Dr Adlakha, who had herself found out about Ginemedex through BPAS, went on to defend the charity. "They are not making any money," she said, "they are not doing anything, they are just guiding people where they can get this help.

"That's all they are doing and that is what I am doing."

And her justification?

That the unborn child will somehow be grateful that it is spared the pain of being adopted by strangers.

"You don't know with whom it's going, what kind of life it's going [to have]. Rather than ruining one life [with abortion] you are ruining two lives. Your daughter's life and the baby's life."


Alexa swing by at 12:07 PM

Pro-aborts are planning Women's World March which will held in Marseille, France, in May 2005 to bring attention to the increasing "threats" made by anti-abortion lobbies in Europe, including the influence of the Catholic Church and conservative parties in European parliaments, to restrict abortion rights.

Alexa swing by at 12:06 PM

And I thought episiotomy was bad.


Euuuuw factor? 10/10. Without a doubt.

Alexa swing by at 11:50 AM

Further to the baseball bat abortion article:

Buried fetus was six months along, says medical examiner.

"Determining charges has been particularly tricky for the prosecutor's office since they would vary depending on whether the fetus could have survived outside the womb... the fetus was about 25 to 26 weeks old. At that point, the limbs, fingers and organs are fully developed and eyelids start to open.

A 1999 law makes it a crime to harm a fetus during an assault upon a pregnant woman. Conviction under the law carries a penalty of up to life in prison."

Alexa swing by at 1:03 AM

Sunday, November 21, 2004
Nancy Pelosi: The Republican assault on women's rights must be stopped

Speaking in oppostion to an 'anti-choice' provision in the $388 billion spending bill that would permit hospitals and HMOs to avoid state requirements that they offer abortion services, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi called it "an extraordinary sneak attack on women's rights and a disgraceful display of ideology over health."

Alexa swing by at 11:52 PM

Here, check this out -- Annie's got a good one on RU486.

Alexa swing by at 11:00 PM

Went to see S and her baby girl -- they called her M. M is gorgis with thick, fluffy dark hair. It's been almost a month since she gave birth, and S is looking great. Hell, three kids and not a single bulge -- how unfair is that? Hmph. Looking at gorgis little M makes me want to have another baby. S, her husband A and their children will return to Oz after Christmas next month.

Alexa swing by at 10:56 PM

Saturday, November 20, 2004
'Pro-life Profiles' features woman's abortion story

If you missed this, there will be a repeat telecast on November 26.

Alexa swing by at 11:35 PM

You can't be Catholic and pro-abortion, says Judie Brown of ALL.

Alexa swing by at 2:14 PM

From the Washington Post yesterday: Abortion rights said to be at a crossroad

"It is safe to say that NARAL Pro-Choice America, the political arm of the abortion rights movement, is facing its biggest fight since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

But Keenan, in an interview shortly after she was officially offered her new job yesterday afternoon, sounded upbeat and excited.

"I'm thrilled," Keenan, 52, a former Montana legislator and superintendent of education, said of her new post. "I really believe that pro-choice is an American value and that it is shared by women and men across the country." "

'scuse me?

Alexa swing by at 2:08 PM

One woman's abortion recovery retreat: After years of 12-step addiction programs, the abortion recovery retreat seemed tame. Until we started naming the baby

Alexa swing by at 1:51 PM

An Inglewood abortion ordeal

What was supposedly a quick, five-minutes procedure dragged on for a month.

(Thanks to Christina for the link)

Alexa swing by at 1:32 PM

Friday, November 19, 2004
Alexa swing by at 1:49 PM

Republicans on Senate Judiciary Committee endorse Arlen Spector, this in spite of oppositions from conservative bases and pro-life groups after the Pennsylvania lawmaker promised to be a strong advocate for President George W. Bush's judicial nominees.

"I have no reason to believe that I'll be unable to support any individual President Bush finds worthy" of the federal bench, Specter told reporters. He read from a statement he wrote that was cleared painstakingly in advance by committee members as well as the GOP leadership. The leaders are determined to confirm Bush's second-term judicial nominees, possibly including a Supreme Court vacancy.

An official vote on Specter's assuming the chairmanship of the judicial panel won't come until January, and can still be appealed to the full 55-member GOP caucus.But all nine Judiciary Republicans agreed they would stand behind Specter in next January's vote for chairman despite his post-election statement saying anti-abortion judges would have a difficult time gaining Senate confirmation, given Democrat opposition.

Take action to oppose Specter here.

Alexa swing by at 9:25 AM

Thursday, November 18, 2004
Fetus images make for fiery abortion debate

Students for Life, University of Maryland's pro-life activist group, compared abortion to the Nazi Holocaust, the lynching of blacks and other historical genocides, and displayed 12 giant panels of graphic genocide and aborted fetus photographs yesterday.

Alexa swing by at 5:08 PM

And here's another excellent find:

"Don't wait for Roe to be overturned. Start today. Love a mother in a crisis pregnancy and her baby," says Mark at Sidesspot.

Alexa swing by at 4:06 PM

My choice of article of the day today:

"Yesterday in my Practical Law class the inevitable happened: the big abortion debate. It started off from an assignment. Our teacher had asked us the question "should women who smoke during pregnancy and harm their child's development be prosecuted for abuse or neglect". Naturally, this got into abortion since it dealt with the health of an unborn child (note: to have "health" an unborn child must be "alive"). First, two folks who we knew were pro-death were called upon. One is pro-death in all cases, the other only where "the woman would be some way harmed by the baby"-meaning economically, mentally, etc -meaning in all cases. They both supported prosecuting the mother since it harmed the child. Yet they didn't support prosecuting abortionists, much less preventing them from carrying out their dark practice. In their arguments, and in the argument of another member of the culture of death (this one an avowed atheist), they presented many and various arguments. Thus I was once again introduced to the grim details of abortion: the tyranny and the tyrants.

To the thought that it would be OK to prosecute the smoking woman but not the abortionist, this is like putting the shoplifter in the electric chair but choosing to not execute (or arrest for that matter) a serial killer. This is a kind of moral equivocation that has gotten, is getting, and will get people killed. After stating such I said that since the unborn child is undergoing cell division, then it is alive, and if it is the product of the human reproductive process then it is a living human being. I said that I am the polar opposite of my classmate, I support abortion in no circumstance where the child would otherwise be born. I explained that if a girl is raped, that absolves her of the responsibility to care for the child. It does not, however, absolve her of the responsibility to respect the rights of the individual. The arguments that it is right to abort a retarded or diseased child are also flawed, as sick or retarded children can and do live happy lives, and it is not the right of an individual to make the decision for another individual to die based on physical imperfections (does this sound eerily like a "final solution"?) ...

.. These members of the culture of death act as if having an abortion is the equivalent to having your spleen removed. "The spleen has human DNA, but it's not a person." The spleen serves no biological purpose: the zygote, embryo, and fetus do, however dependent they are upon the mother. Their purpose is to be human life. If this, the tyranny that is abortion, is not manifestly obvious to anyone, they don't deserve the responsibility of any kind of "choice", for they are in collaboration with, or are themselves that the purveyors of that tyranny."

Read all of it here.

(Thanks to Wide Awake)

Alexa swing by at 3:39 PM

Hmm. Never mind that 3 (maybe even more) women died, abortion advocates, RU486 maker insist that the drug is safe.

Alexa swing by at 1:41 PM

15-year-old British girl Melissa Smith who sparked a national controvery when she had a secret abortion is pregnant again, and intends to keep the baby. Melissa Smith's mother, Maureen, said her 15-year-old daughter was desperate to "replace the child she lost" in April, and had become "hell-bent' on conceiving again.

A spokeswoman for the pro-life group known as LIFE, Rachel Heath, said, "It is not uncommon for women who have an abortion to become pregnant again soon after".

"Many women find the pain of their abortion difficult to bear and go on to have an 'atonement' baby. This is often by the same father," Heath said.

"I hope this time the school health worker leaves (the girl), her boyfriend and family alone to prepare themselves for the birth of their child," Heath added.

The baby is due in July.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

- Anne Frank

Tyler Rayne turns 44 weeks and 2 days today, YAY!

Alexa swing by at 8:22 PM

Two teens may face charges after they allegedly used a baseball bat in an attempt to abort a fetus. Police said the 16-year-old girl became pregnant and had a miscarriage in October at her home in the northern Macomb County town of Armada. After an investigation, Michigan State Police determined that prior to the miscarriage, the girl and a 16-year-old boy - the father of the unborn child - may have attempted to abort the fetus. "Without getting graphic, it involved a baseball bat and at some point the child was miscarried and that brings us to where we're at now," said Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith. Smith said the male youth would hit the pregnant teen in the abdomen with a d decorative-type wooden baseball bat every other day for three weeks. Police said that the parents apparently did not know of the pregnancy until the teen miscarried.

Apparently killing babies is the latest 'fad'. Hmph. Disturbing, very disturbing.

Alexa swing by at 6:29 PM

Women who undergo abortions suffer serious psychological problems more frequently than was previously thought, according to a new study.

Among the study's (conducted on 331 Russian and 217 American who had experienced one or more abortions, but no other pregnancy losses) major findings were:

* Of American women, 53.9% felt badly after their abortion while only 13.8% felt relief

* Some 36.4%of the American women had suicidal thoughts and 26.7% increased their use of alcohol or drugs

* Only 10.8% of the American women surveyed said they received adequate counseling before the abortion. Fully 84% did not receive adequate counseling and 5.2%were unsure

* Over 42%of American women reported being sexually or physically abused before age 18 compared to only 11.4% of Russian women

* About 50% of all the women surveyed felt that their abortion had been morally wrong

* Some 79.2% of the American women had never been counseled on alternatives to abortion

* Over 54% of American women were not sure about their decision to abort their pregnancy

Full findings here

Psychiatric problems linked to abortion

Research links abortion to depression, more indication of tie to psychiatric illness, suicidal behavior

Abortion is not safe at all

Alexa swing by at 3:04 PM

You have to read this:

Alexa swing by at 3:01 PM

Dear Amy, don't sue:

"Steven Ertelt, the Editor and CEO of, said Dickinson should be ashamed of the advice she gave her reader.

"Here is a young single woman whohad a miscarriage of her second pregnancy, loses her partner to an early death, and is now being exploited by a new boyfriend who admits he would rather her have an abortion than accept his duties as a father," Ertelt explained.

"Amy Dickinson says she should hitch a ride down to the local abortion facility and stick around with this exploitive boyfriend if she wants -- advice that is outlandish and does nothing to improve this young woman's tenuous situation," Ertelt said.

Ertelt said Dickinson's instruction to the woman's mother to take her to the leading abortion business in the United States to guide her decision-making is "patently offensive to the majority of Americans who are pro-life."

"If Dickinson doesn't like the backlash she has received, she should revise the counsel she's giving her readers," Ertelt added.

That Dickinson would threaten legal action proves she's "not confident enough in her own outrageous guidance to let it stand or fall on its merits," Ertelt explained.

Ertelt said would continue to expose pro-abortion advice columnists like Dickinson and "Dear Abby" who "do their readers a tremendous disservice by encouraging them to take further advice from groups like Planned Parenthood that prove time and time again they are not concerned about the best interests of women.""

God bless you, Steven!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Alexa swing by at 3:13 PM

A Lifenews article following the "Ask Amy" snippets which I posted on Sunday.

Alexa swing by at 3:03 PM

Third U.S woman died from RU486, FDA revealed Monday. While no details about the woman's death were given, officials confirmed that the woman died as a result of the Mifeprex abortion pill.

New warnings will be placed on packages containing the dangerous abortion drug following the death of Holly Patterson and Tamia Russell. The new warning labels required by the FDA will highlight how infections can bring about the death of a woman using the abortion drug. Marketed as Mifeprex, the drug already carried the FDA's highest level black box warning -- which warns consumers that it is especially dangerous.

The black box warning will expand and include new information on dangers that could cost women's lives, such as information on life-threatening complications like severe bacterial infections that led to the September 2003 death of Holly Patterson.

The new warning labels also discuss the extensive bleeding that can occur following a chemical abortion, as can happen with any abortion. The labels warn that serious infection can result without the usual telltale signs like fever or tenderness. Following approval by the Clinton administration in 2000, the FDA has received numerous reports of complications resulting from the use of the abortion drug.

"RU-486 doesn't need a better label, it needs to be shelved," said Cathy Cleaver Ruse, a representative of the pro-life office of the U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops. "Young women depend upon the safety of FDA-approved drugs. How many have to die before this killer drug is taken off the market?"

"RU-486 was the new 'magic pill' to make babies disappear, and young women are now its latest victims," Ruse said. "RU-486 must be stopped."

Alexa swing by at 2:35 PM

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Monday, November 15, 2004
I've added a couple more links to crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and pregnancy care centers (PCCs), so check out the links on the left navigation. It's a bit messy for now, I know, but I'll sort them out soon, so bear with me. I'll be adding more as we go along, and I intend to add those from different countries as well.

Abortion clinics offer abortions, but pregnancy care centers offer choices, and I want every pregnant mothers who stop by to know that they do have choices, and there are help available.

Alexa swing by at 6:05 PM

Cynthia's story

"As I slowly made my way toward the bathroom, I looked down and saw a drop of my blood about the size of a half-dollar fall to the floor. Seeing that blood clarified what I had done and I will never forget it. That was all that was left of my child. That was it. I discarded my baby at a clinic of death that night, brutally murdered and left to rot in a sink. That child did not deserve that heinous murder. They told me the recovery time would be a couple of days with some mild cramping and light bleeding. Well, this was totally downplayed, when in fact there were several days of significant abdominal pain and an extraordinary amount of bleeding, so much that I had to wear diapers for a week.

It's funny, they informed me about the cost of the abortion and the amount of time it should take to be completed, but what they didn't tell me about was the nightmares I would have for months afterwards or the tremendous shame that I would feel. They didn't tell me that I would be riddled with guilt and regret for the rest of my life and fear of being able to give a healthy birth in the future."

Alexa swing by at 5:13 PM

Sunday, November 14, 2004
I wanna watch this:

"It happens that, once inside the clinic, the pregnant woman, who is black, decides not to have an abortion--though she doesn't tell Alfie--and he learns that he is a father only months later. Yet it is not exactly a pro-life moment when he does.

In the film's most unintentionally chilling line, with the baby gurgling right in front of us, the mother explains that she spared the child because there was a chance it might have belonged not to Alfie but to her dark-skinned boyfriend. Alas, the baby is born a tell-tale light brown. The audience is invited to see how much happier these three adults would have been if the infant had been made to disappear."

More abortion in movies

Alexa swing by at 6:55 PM

".. a young woman who at 22 has already had at least one unplanned pregnancy needs to reassess her behavior -- and her birth-control method. Because her pregnancies have such a huge impact on you, you might want to drive her to Planned Parenthood.."

Hmm. Would you drive your daughter to Planned Parenthood? I shudder at the thought.

Alexa swing by at 6:10 PM

Alexa swing by at 3:50 PM

As I've posted before:

In an article Friday for the Knight-Ridder news service, Jane Eisner, a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, perpetuates the more-abortions-under-Bush myth.

Eisner addresses the Internet rumor that a pro-life doctor, David Hager, is about to be confirmed to a key FDA committee and how abortion advocates must stop the appointment. Hager was confirmed long ago and Eisner says the false emails distract from the issue of "how to address the increasing rate of abortions during the Bush administration".

Eisner cites a study conducted by Glen Harold Stassen, a professor of Christian ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary that claims abortion rates have increased since President Bush took office.

However, the claim just isn't true.

Alexa swing by at 3:31 PM

Saturday, November 13, 2004
Pro-choice forces lie to get their way and we all know that.

"Since its inception, the abortion industry and its supporters have demonstrated a willingness to lie to the public. Bernard Nathanson, co-founder of the National Abortion Rights Action League, freely acknowledges they exaggerated more than tenfold the incidence of coathanger and back-alley abortions. Norma McCorvey and Sandra Cano, lead plaintiffs in the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton Supreme Court trials, have stated they were manipulated and deceived by their attorneys, who lied before the court.

Ron Fitzsimmons, former executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, stated in the March 1997 AMA News, "I lied through my teeth on the issue of partial birth abortion". Dr. Mary Campbell lied before Congress, claiming anesthesia provided during the procedure is what kills the fetus. A rebuttal from the American Society of Anesthesiologists before Congress was swift. Campbell later stated she merely "simplified it for Congress".

The pattern of lies and deception continues. Young girls are told the life within them is not a life at all; that it is the size of a speck, or merely blood plasma, or that the procedure is safe.

The truth is that 24 days after conception the baby has a heartbeat and brain activity, and is often already sucking his or her thumb. The truth is there is a direct link between abortion and breast, cervical and ovarian cancer, as well as infertility and future pregnancies resulting in ectopic pregnancy and cerebral palsy."

To this day, (their) words still echoes in my head: Abortion will fix everything. Ah, the 500-bucks lie. Who can forget?

Alexa swing by at 8:36 PM

Goddess seeks Seamus..

Seamus: if you are out there, reading this, please get in touch - I miss you LOADS!

Alexa swing by at 1:06 PM

Jane: Abortion and the Underground

"Based on actual events, the play chronicles the short life of "Jane", an underground collective of women who provided abortions in pre-Roe v. Wade Chicago.

Jane began unofficially in 1965 at the University of Chicago, when student activist named Heather Booth became a liaison between abortionists and young women who sought the illegal procedure. Word spread quickly about Booth's networking skills, and the student, then pregnant and pursuing a Master's degree, became overwhelmed by demand for her services. In response, Booth assembled a team of like-minded women to share the workload, and Jane was born.

Utilizing a complex system of secret locations and anonymous operatives, the women of Jane coordinated more than 11,000 abortions during their four-year official run, from 1969 through 1973. The dangers associated with performing the procedure limited the pool of abortionists, meaning the group used a single doctor almost exclusively. That physician was later revealed as a fraud, but Jane continued to use him because he had learned the procedure from a legitimate practitioner. Eventually members of Jane took over the abortions themselves after instruction from the doctor."

Playwright Paula Kamen says younger women do not realize the risks faced by women seeking illegal abortions. "Women of my generation have no idea," Kamen told the Chicago Tribune in 1999. "Before Jane, it was just shocking what people had to go through. Abortions were unsafe, they cost thousands of dollars, and many abortionists had mob ties." Conversely, Jane never lost a patient.


The play is sponsored locally by Planned Parenthood of Northwest Ohio, and, get this, "[We] do not promote abortion but only the right to choose it," says the co-director of the religious education of the group. Christ.

Alexa swing by at 11:06 AM

In case you haven't heard...

Scott Peterson has been found guilty on two counts of murder in the deaths of his wife, Laci and unborn son, Conner. In the reading of the verdict Friday afternoon the jury declared Peterson guilty of first-degree murder in his wife's death, and second-degree murder in his unborn son's death.

The high profile murder conviction for the killing of unborn Connor Peterson highlighted the significance of the passage by Congress of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act which was also called Laci and Connor's Law. President Bush signed the act into law last April.

The conviction was made under already existing California law which allowed criminal charges for the death or injury of an unborn child resulting from an attack on the mother.

Alexa swing by at 10:40 AM

I want to share this -- from After Abortion.

Alexa swing by at 10:34 AM

Friday, November 12, 2004
So I just got a package from Chad, who sent Tyler a cute little monkey outfit and some toys. Plus a note that says, 'I'll be home for Thanksgiving', accompanied by a wink and written at the back of a recent photograph. Hurrah! I hope he'd stay through Yule and New Year's Day. I'm asking too much, I know. But it's that time of the year, and as always, the holidays near and I get depressed all over again. Well, a least I get to look forward to a nice Thanksgiving dinner, if not Christmas. Sometimes it does upset me to think that I could not give Tyler what he truly needs. Every child deserves it, I know. But I know the choices I made and I have no regrets. Hell, we're doing all right, aren't we baby? We're doing just fine on our own, so feck that.

Alexa swing by at 6:25 PM

An unplanned baby means a quick trip to the clinic, but an endangered penis? Now that is distressing. That is cause for soft-focus soul-searching.

Alexa swing by at 6:09 PM

Hey.. I NEVER said that...

Hmm. Let's hear it from the horse's mouth.

Alexa swing by at 1:56 PM

"About 40 to 50% of pregnant mothers think they have their minds made up about getting an abortion but can be 'turned around' - if we can get their attention before they enter an abortuary and provide them with facts regarding fetal development and the medical risks they face in going through an abortion... At least 60% of those who are pregnant and originally say they are 'seeking abortion' change their minds and give birth."

It's bloody ironic how society can turn a blind eye to the killing and maiming of innocent unborns and women. It's not okay to chew gum in this country but it is OKAY to bloody kill your children. Hmm.

Alexa swing by at 1:48 PM

Alexa swing by at 1:09 PM

Thursday, November 11, 2004
Amen to that: A vote for Bush was a vote for unborn life

"It has therefore come as both a shock and a shocker that American women have turned out to be more Maude Flanders (lately of The Simpsons) than Carrie Bradshaw and, instead of Kerry, chose a president who is not frightened to reveal that abortion is, to him, abhorrent and he will do everything he can to curtail it ..

It was said by many that in the 2004 presidential race, John Kerry was the intelligent candidate and President Bush the red-necked thicko. Not from where I'm standing, at least not on this issue. What Kerry failed to realise is that abortion is no longer only, or even predominantly, about a woman's right to choose. With contraception so sophisticated and embryos viable at an earlier and earlier stage, how could it be? The debate has moved away from women's health and the control we exercise over our own bodies and much more towards what abortion actually is. Far from being the conservative regressive portrayed by the feminist lobby, President Bush has shown that he is keeping up with the times. With doctors calling for abortions to be carried out under anaesthetic given what they are learning about the development of an unborn baby's nervous system, it is John Kerry who seems to be living in the past.

It does seem strange to us that the office of president of the United States could depend on your moral take on abortion. In secular Britain, such a notion is inconceivable. But for the British chattering classes to sneer at the American electorate for their qualms about killing the unborn, and to condemn President Bush for responding to those qualms, shows that it is us, and not him, who are going backwards and need to hurry to catch up."

Alexa swing by at 7:00 PM

Abortion/breast cancer link warning by states upsets abortion advocates

While more than a dozen state legislatures debate bills on informed consent for women considering abortion, the Associated Press has run an article titled, "Women Wrongly Warned Cancer, Abortion Tied." AP considered it such a certainty that the information was wrong, they needed to tell readers twice with a subtitle, "Some Women Considering Abortion Are Wrongly Told It Could Hike Breast Cancer Risk". The article presents a textbook example of a biased media creating 'news' to influence the public when life issues are before legislatures.

See Coalition on Abortion/breast cancer's Karen Malec's comments here

Alexa swing by at 5:50 PM

Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Somebody who should have been born
is gone.

Just as the earth puckered its mouth,
each bud puffing out from its knot,
I changed my shoes, and then drove south.

Up past the Blue Mountains, where
Pennsylvania humps on endlessly,
wearing, like a crayoned cat, its green hair,

its roads sunken in like a gray washboard;
where, in truth, the ground cracks evilly,
a dark socket from which the coal has poured,

Somebody who should have been born
is gone.

the grass as bristly and stout as chives,
and me wondering when the ground would break,
and me wondering how anything fragile survives;

up in Pennsylvania, I met a little man,
not Rumpelstiltskin, at all, at all...
he took the fullness that love began.

Returning north, even the sky grew thin
like a high window looking nowhere.
The road was as flat as a sheet of tin.

Somebody who should have been born
is gone.

Yes, woman, such logic will lead
to loss without death. Or say what you meant,
you coward... this baby that I bleed.

- Anne Sexton, 'The Abortion'

Alexa swing by at 10:46 PM

Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Thine eyes have seen my unformed substance; and in Thy book they were all written, the days that were ordained for me, when yet there was not one of them. Wonderful are Thy works and my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from Thee, when I was made in secret. And skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth.

- Psalms 139:15,16

Alexa swing by at 6:02 PM

Lovely afternoon. The sky is so blue today, and it's not too warm. Tyler just fell asleep, with Smelly by his side. He's been up all morning, so finally, time to myself, Yay! The boy is so active now, I could barely keep up. Dr Lee, his pediatrician, says that he is growing well, getting taller and putting on weight, which is good, I think. I just hope he has his father's height. Time really flies, eh? It seemed like yesterday that I was just pregnant and lost and emotionally wrecked. Looked back at my entries, felt stupid about how scared I was before. I wish someone would tell me then that everything will be alright, because it was meant to be, God didn't make mistakes. Perhaps Jay may have abandoned me (you gall-less bastard!). But God, God had not abandoned me as I thought He had, or I will not have had what I have now. I love what I have. I love my life. And I love my babies.

Alexa swing by at 2:55 PM

A new poll conducted by Wirthlin Worldwide shows that a wide majority of Americans are pro-life and the abortion issue gave pro-life candidates such as President Bush a 12% advantage. 42% of voters said that the issue of abortion affected the way they voted in last week's election. Those voters favored pro-life candidates by nearly a two-one margin with 25% of all voters saying they voted for pro-life candidates who oppose abortion and only 13% of all voters saying they backed candidates that favor abortion.

Meanwhile, following the Arlen Spector furore, President Bush is reportedly considering pro-life Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for the chief justice position should the ailing William Rehnquist step down from the court. According to a story on the Drudge Report web site, Bush has launched an internal review weighing the pros and cons of nominating Thomas to the top position on the nation's highest court.

Alexa swing by at 9:02 AM

Now, get your cup of coffee, pull a chair and enjoy this brilliant piece.

"After conceding the election to President Bush, John Kerry encouraged the American people to "begin the healing" and said it was time for us to come together and unite. It is not that easy, Johnny Boy.

Who are we suppose to unite with? The people who vandalized Republican headquarters around the nation? Those who sprayed bullets through GOP offices, hurled rocks and cinder blocks through windows, sprayed racist and anti-Bush graffiti on walls outside and broke laptops and other equipment inside? Or just unite with those large groups of unkempt hippies who attempted to overtake Republican headquarters around the nation?

What about the people who vandalized and egged cars that had Republican bumper stickers on them, or those who slashed the tires of dozens of GOP Campaign vehicles election morning? Is this what we are suppose to unite with?

Are we supposed to unite with the anti-American Michael Moore who thinks Americans are dumb and who has a disgustingly high following to prove his point? Or the Mainstream Media who spreads gossip faster than my Aunt Ester at a Sunday Brunch, or CBS who conveniently rolled out their "I Hate Bush" Book of the Month Club on national television in time for the election? Or just unite with MTV's national "Rock The Vote" campaign to oust Bush (because he will draft you to die), or the hysterical celebrities who line up to call Republicans racist, sexist, ageist, and "those people who, are like, you know, like evil." (And speaking of celebrities, thanks to Puffy Muffy Diddy Daddy we got to deal with the most moronic slogan ever: "Vote or Die." Umm, okay.)"

Alexa swing by at 8:40 AM

Monday, November 08, 2004
"We thought abortion was a simple solution - like getting a tooth pulled."

"When I cried during the abortion, the nurse reassured me that it was "only the medication". I knew she was wrong: My baby was about to die."

Alexa swing by at 6:17 PM

Whether you agree with him or not, Bush radiated moral clarity. Kerry - with his multiple positions on Iraq - simply did not

"Not all Christian churchgoers are hardcore evangelicals, but it's clear that Kerry did not appeal to any of them. Just as Bush wore his religion on his sleeve, so Kerry wore his irreligiousness on his. Kerry thought that referring to his upbringing as a Catholic altar boy would be sufficient. It only made it clear that religion was a vestige of his upbringing without relevance to his current life.

The few times that Kerry attended Southern Baptist churches on the campaign trail, he looked like a tourist in Harlem. The services appeared to pique his interest as they would an anthropologist. He was never an actual participant.

The next Democratic nominee doesn't have to be a devout "born again" but he or she will have to feel comfortable on the inside of a church. The next nominee cannot afford to alienate worshipping voters, and must find a way to talk about common values."

Alexa swing by at 5:41 PM

A late-term abortionist tells all..

Prominent NY abortionist admits recurring nightmares about his victims

"One of his former interns remembers watching Rashbaum do a D&E on well-developed twins one hot summer day. He intently leaned in closely and methodically pulled piece after piece of the fetuses out of the mother's uterus, ignoring the attending staff's whispers of horror - "It's twins. It's twins" - to each other. The intern reacted violently, running home, throwing up, and asking herself, "Is this right?""

Rashbum also admitted he was "troubled by a recurring dream of a fetus trying to hold onto the walls of a uterus by its tiny fingernails." Raised to believe that abortion was wrong, he reasons, "What kind of dreams do you think you are going to have?"

Alexa swing by at 2:07 PM

Sunday, November 07, 2004
How could an angel break my heart
Why didn't he catch my falling star
I wish I didn't wish so hard
Maybe I wished our love apart
How could an angel break my heart

Alexa swing by at 11:01 PM

Saturday, November 06, 2004
It is likely that President Bush will have the opportunity to nominate two or more justices of the U.S. Supreme Court during the next four years. Pro-abortion advocacy groups are vowing to do everything in their power to block the President's nominees in the Senate. There has not been a vacancy on the Court for over 10 years, but in recent weeks the press has reported that Chief Justice William Rehnquist is seriously ill.

When President Bush nominates a man or woman to the Supreme Court, that nomination goes first to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which conducts hearings and votes on the nomination. The chairman of the Judiciary Committee will be crucial in shepherding the President's nominees to successful confirmation votes in the committee and in the full Senate.

But what if the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee was himself undercutting President Bush's nominee-- or even actively opposing confirmation of the nominee?

Soon, the Republican members of the Judiciary Committee must decide on who they want as their chairman. Ordinarily, this job would go to the most-senior Republican committee member who does not chair some other major committee. However, in this case, that senior committee member is Senator Arlen Specter (R-Pa.).

Specter would be a disaster as chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Senator Specter has a strongly pro-abortion record, and he is one of the leading champions of human cloning. In 1987, as a member of the Judiciary Committee, Specter played a key role in defeating President Reagan's nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Robert Bork, who was on record in opposition to Roe v. Wade. In 1995, Specter briefly sought the Republican presidential nomination on a pro-abortion platform. In January 2001, Specter complained on a TV program that some nominees for the Supreme Court were reluctant to take clear positions on Roe v. Wade, and he said that he might have to start withholding his support in such cases.

On November 3, 2004, the day after the election, Specter told reporters that he considers Roe v. Wade "inviolate," and indicated that he believes that nominees who do not express support for that ruling cannot be confirmed. Asked if he would support President Bush's judicial nominees, Specter replied, "That obviously depends upon the president's judicial nominees".

On November 4, those remarks were widely reported in the news media as a "warning" to the White House. The same day, Specter issued a statement saying that he had been warning of possible filibusters by Democrats -- but he did not pledge to support President Bush's nominations to the Supreme Court.

Senator Specter assumes he has a lock on the job -- but actually, he does not have an entitlement to the Judiciary Committee chairmanship.

If another Republican member of the committee decides to challenge Specter and gains the support of a majority of Republican members of the committee, then the decision would go before the entire Republican conference, which is the caucus of all of the Republican senators who will serve in the new Congress that convenes in January. In that case, the 55 Republican senators would decide who will be chairman by a secret ballot. Thus, ultimately, every Republican senator can have a voice on who holds the powerful gavel at the Judiciary Committee.

You can do your part and help prevent Senator Spector from becoming Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Here's how:

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Friday, November 05, 2004
Here's Anthony's testimony:

I was only 17 when my girlfriend got pregnant. At first we both accepted the fact that we were going to end up being parents at a very young age. She was only 16 and her parents would have never approved of us even having sex, let alone having a kid.

After three months of going back and forth with whether we were actually ready to handle the huge responsibility of being parents, we came to the conclusion that maybe an abortion would be the right thing to do. That would be the worst thing I have ever done in my life. We finally got up the nerve to tell her parents and go ahead with the abortion, but we knew seeing each other after that would be hard.

The day of her abortion, I began to realize that this may not be the greatest choice in the world, and that I would eventually regret it, but, I never told my girlfriend how I felt. Once it was over with I couldn't stand to even look at myself in the mirror. I began to hate seeing my girlfriend because seeing her was just a reminder of what I had just done. Within months we both couldn't stand to be near each other. I now realize that an abortion is never the way to go. It is one regret that you will never be able to take back. It is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

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Last night you would not come,
and you have been gone so long.
I yearn to find you in my aging, earthen arms
again (your alchemy can change my clay to skin).
I long to turn and watch again
from my half-hidden place
the lost, beautiful slopes and fallings of your face,
the black, rich leaf of each eyelash,
fresh, beach-brightened stones of your teeth.
I want to listen as you breathe yourself to sleep
(for by our human art we mime
the sleeper til we dream).
I want to smell the dark
herb gardens of your hair – touch the thin shock
that drifts over your high brow when
you rinse it clean,
for it is so fine.
I want to hear the light,
long wind of your sigh.
But again tonight I know you will not come.
I will never feel again
your gentle, sleeping calm
from which I took
so much strength, so much of my human heart.
Because the last time
I reached to you
as you sat upon the bed
and talked, you caught both my hands
in yours and crossed them gently on my breast.
I died mimicking the dead.

- John Logan, "Love Poem"

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Thursday, November 04, 2004
What do you know? Abortion made it to the front page in one of the local papers yesterday, this, considering the fact that it is not an openly discussed issue here. Surprise, surprise. Amazingly the abortion rate has gone up THREE times over the last two years. Considering the barely-there presence of the pro-life movements and uninspiring resources for unplanned pregnancies (remember me?), I don't see how some mere counseling workshops is going to help at all. What else are they planning to do to bring the numbers down? That's what I want to know.

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The pro-life movement see victories with the re-election of President Bush yesterday, with an expanded representation of Republicans in both the Senate and Congress, paving way for pro-life appointments in the Supreme Court. President Bush received more votes for President than any other candidate in US history. In all, President Bush garnered 58,729,646, or 51% of votes, versus Kerry's 48%. Polls report as many as 60%, nearly 120 million people, cast a ballot, the greatest voter turn-out since 1968.

Meanwhile, Florida voters backed a measure requiring minors to gain parental consent before procuring an abortion. Amendment 1 would let the state legislature approve a bill requiring abortion businesses to notify parents of teenager girls considering an abortion. The parental notification measure received the support of 4,466,398 voters or 64.7% of the state's residents. Only 35.3% of Florida voters (2,438,778) opposed it. The proposal will essentially override two Florida Supreme Court decisions that used the privacy clause in the state constitution to declare parental involvement laws unconstitutional.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Has Bush won already? Hell, he'll win. No, he's winning!

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Gloria Steinem says... a Bush victory would be a loss for women

Gloria Steinem wears two bracelets on her right wrist. One is a tribute to a young woman, Becky Bell, who died in 1988 at age 17 from an illegal abortion. Under Indiana's parental consent law, Bell was denied access to a legal abortion without permission from her parents. The other bracelet, which Steinem hopes to soon ditch, reads: "One Woman Dies Every Minute. Stop Bush's gag rule on abortion."

"My hope is that after this election, I can take this one off," Steinem said in an interview Saturday at the Barrymore Theatre.

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Here's a new documentary on what it was like when abortion was illegal. According to filmaker Dorothy Fadiman, this film would help people understand that legal restrictions which leads to more women dying are "inherently unjust". Hmm. I wish someone will tell this woman that women can die and have died from LEGAL abortions. Surely then legalizing abortion will not stop or reduce the number of abortion death? I say, that argument is moot.

Motherhood by choice

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
The earth is the LORD's and the fulness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein; for he has founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the rivers.
Who shall ascend the hill of the LORD? And who shall stand in his holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to what is false, and does not swear deceitfully.
He will receive blessing from the LORD, and vindication from the God of his salvation.

- Psalm Ps 1bc-2, 3-4ab, 5

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Kerry scares me, says Mel Gibson

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It's 12.45 pm here (eastern time +8GMT), November 2. It's the eve of Election Day in most states in the United States still. Here at home, I join millions of Americans in a prayer that in the next presidential election, America will have a candidate whom they could support wholeheartedly, without moral or mental reservation. One who seeks to lead a nation where lives are protected, marriage is respected, family is supported; where the innocent are spared, and the guilty are punished; where justice is tempered by mercy, and mercy fortified by justice. Whose morality is furthered by law and authority (Lane Core Jr.).

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Monday, November 01, 2004
Pre-election day reflections..

Could Kerry be the 'Hitler of the unborn'?

"When I visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, I was greatly moved by the visible record of Hitler's diabolical plan to replace an entire continent with the Aryan race. He didn't just limit his hatred to the Jews. We know that he also murdered Catholics, Gypsies, homosexuals, and the handicapped. Watching the footage of the carnage, videos that were placed discretely behind four foot high walls to shield the horror from the eyes of children, I could not help but see a connection between the disrespect that was shown to those innocent people who were victimized by the Nazis and the millions of innocent, unborn babies who have been legally slaughtered worldwide all in the name of "reproductive rights".

John Kerry say he respects life but he cannot legislate an "article of faith". Would Senator Kerry have stood silently by if he had been a politician during the reign of Hitler? Based on voting record, apparently he would have. If we are going to truly respect life, then is it not just as wrong to cut innocent children into pieces in the womb or suction them out with a vacuum as it was to drag innocent people from their homes, herd them onto trains, strip them naked, and send them to their deaths in gas chambers?"

"So, how can we bring the light of Christ to the world right now? By choosing men and women who honor and uphold the teachings of Christ. If we are to bring Him to the world, we need to reflect the essence of His teachings. A candidate who speaks many words yet performs empty actions is not a man or woman of integrity and does not deserve to represent others in office. Will that politician have the courage, the integrity and the guts to risk the bold step forward into the street to save the defenseless child?

Of course the street is an analogy to the wombs of troubled women who seek an abortion — a great tragedy of immense proportions. How many more victims will die in this country as a result of this "war"? We will never see these children. They are invisible casualties.

There is a baby crying in the womb of a confused and troubled mother. Which of our political leaders will stop and pick up the baby and carry him to safety?

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Vote for life, vote for Bush!

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"Abortion has had a negative impact upon women's health. Women who have had abortions suffer an increased risk of depression and suicide - the risk of death from suicide is six times higher when compared with women who have given birth. Induced abortion increases the risk of placenta previa in subsequent pregnancies by 50% and doubles the risk of pre-term birth in later pregnancies. Though still the subject of intense debate, epidemiological studies as well as breast physiology suggest a causal link between induced abortion and breast cancer independent of the delay of a first full term pregnancy.

It's not just women's health that has been affected. Abortion has been culturally degrading to women as well. The early American feminists, who fought for the right to vote and fair treatment in the workplace, would have been appalled at the thought of celebrating abortion as the symbol of women's freedom and equality. The suffragettes understood that the availability and prevalence of abortion meant that men, incapable of pregnancy, would continue to be the principal - and so the dictatorial - power in society. No wonder that Alice Paul, author of the original Equal Rights Amendment of 1923, called abortion "the ultimate exploitation of women." "

- Erika Bachiochi, Editor and contributor, The Cost of Choice: Women Evaluate the Impact of Abortion

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Florida Parental Notification on abortion ballot proposal heads for victory

A new Palm Beach Post-Reuters-Zogby International poll of 594 likely Florida voters released on Saturday shows 68% of voters supporting Amendment 1. Only 25% opposed the proposal.

Last week, a poll published by the Miami Herald and St. Petersburg Times showed 64% of Florida residents backing the ballot issue.

The Zogby poll also showed the notification measure with wide support among all age groups and races, and Jewish voters were the only group within the poll to oppose notifying parents. Even several Florida newspapers, such as the Tampa Tribune, have endorsed the measure, which has shown to reduce abortions among teenagers by as much as 30% in other states with similar laws.

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