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Sunday, October 31, 2004
Merry Samhain, everyone!

So today we had a little celebration. Teddy is here (he's my official chef-for-the-day), my aunts, mom and sister.. Em, Fab and Ken.. my godmother, Kay and a few others. The house was decorated with jack-o'-lanterns made out of pumpkins and Martha Stewart's glow in the dark? baggies. We had a roast leg of lamb, colcannon (which is really mashed potatoes, cabbage and onion), pumpkin pies and puddings and other yummy treats. The kids were dressed in their costumes 'cept that they weren't allowed to go out to trick or treat.

Also known as Feast of the Dead, Feast of Apples, All Hallows, and of course Halloween, Samhain marks the end of the third and final harvest, is a day to commune with and remember the dead, and is a celebration of the eternal cycle of reincarnation. In the European traditions, Samhain is the night when the old God dies, and the Crone Goddess mourns him deeply for the next six weeks. The popular image of her as the old Halloween hag menacingly stirring her cauldron comes from the Celtic belief that all dead souls return to her cauldron of life, death, and rebirth to await reincarnation.

It is traditional on Samhain night to leave a plate of food outside the home for the souls of the dead. A candle placed in the window guides them to the Lands of Eternal Summer, and burying apples in the hard-packed earth "feeds" the passed ones on their journey.

Samhain is a time of reflection and coming to terms with the one thing in life which we have no control - death. Wiccans feel that on this night the separation between the physical and spiritual realities is it's least guarded and it's veil the thinnest. Because the veil between the realms of the living and the dead is at its thinnest on Samhain, it is also a prime time to attempt spirit contact. Samhain is also the time for dimensional openings and workings. It is a somber holiday, one of dark clothes and thoughts for the dead, it is said to be the time when those of necromantic talents can speak with the dead and it is certainly a time to remember ones dead. A time of endings of relationships and bad situations, and it is the time when one can see the glimmer of hope in the future. There are as many concepts attached to this holiday as any other, truly a time of remembrance of our ancestors and all those who have gone before. All in all, it was a truly a celebration, and Tyler fell asleep, exhausted, after the last guests left.

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Saturday, October 30, 2004
Why I apologized to Planned Parenthood:

"As we approached the woman in scrubs by Planned Parenthood's doorway, Ron and I nodded and said "Hello." She acknowledged us by saying "Hi" and holding the door for us to enter the clinic. We tentatively tiptoed inside. I was half expecting to see blood dripping down the walls or hear babies screaming from the ceiling. Instead I found a coolly lit, comfortable waiting area with neatly stacked brochures. I was pleasantly surprised to see glossy brochures about adoption and clothing programs for new mothers. What a contradiction: a place where they both welcome and kill little ones. Snapping me out of my thoughts, the receptionist asked, "Can I help you?"

Stuttering only a little, and shuddering inside as I glimpsed the woman in scrubs disappear down a narrow, fluorescently lit hallway, I explained, "Actually, we're Christian and very pro-life. We're here to say we're sorry for all the people who are mean to you guys. This is not how Christians should behave, and we feel deeply sad about it."

Ron chimed in, "It's not right for believers in Jesus to judge or despise you. It's just awful, and we wanted you to know that we don't hate you or believe you are terrible people."

The receptionist took a moment to collect herself, then responded with a quivering sigh, "I can't tell you how much that means. My uncle won't talk to me because I work here. You have no idea how many hateful, awful things Christians say and do to me. I don't hope people get an abortion; I hope we can help them to use birth control. We're just trying to avoid having babies thrown in trash heaps."

I may have knee-jerk reactions to what seem like lame excuses for taking a human life, but I cannot deny the sincerity of this Planned Parenthood employee. I never imagined I'd leave an abortion clinic feeling good, but I did in a sad and hopeful sort of way. My heart was filled with pain over the children whose lives end in that place and their mothers who'll grieve silently forever, yet a prayer of thanks stirred in me because a bridge of humanity was built across the great divide of pro-life and pro-choice.

Abortion is the tragic ending of a precious life, but when I think of people who choose or perform this death act, rather than feeling hate or condescension, I get a lump of love in my throat, with a longing to hug them, and pray, "Father forgive them, they don't know what they're doing." Technically, some of them know exactly what they're doing and may even flaunt it as their right. But remember those who cheered and jeered during the Lord's crucifixion. They were the very ones Jesus asked his Father to forgive."

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Arnie for president? Uh-uh..

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Hmm. This chick is upset that bishops are asking Catholics to vote pro-life...

Meanwhile, a new poll conducted by Wirthlin Worldwide shows that Americans are picking up on what an increasing number of women who have had abortions are saying -- abortion hurts women. The poll revealed a strong majority of Americans believe abortion is "almost always a bad thing" for women, even when they know someone who has had an abortion.

Wirthlin surveyed 1,001 adults from September 24 through 27 and found that 61% of respondents said they felt abortion was "almost always a bad thing." Only 23% said abortion was "almost always a good thing." 16% say they don't know.

The poll results revealed that 64% of Americans know someone who has had an abortion and only 33% say they do not. When asked whether the abortion experience of the person they knew was positive or negative, 55% identified it as a negative experience overall while just 40% said it was a positive one.

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It's saturday and I'm off to an early start. It's Samhain tomorrow and we're busy here at The Avalon. Yesterday I decided to put everything aside and go shopping with Aunt Zelda. We bought quite a bit of stuff for Samhain, and I found some really cute glittery bat pens/sweets at Jason's which would make lovely treats for the kids. Jules sent Tyler this gorgis pumpkin outfit and Smelly got a witch hat. Heh. I'll tell you a bit more on this grand sabbath, its lore tommorrow - for now I have some pumpkins to carve !

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Friday, October 29, 2004
The Advertiser, a South Australia newspaper, has revealed that most babies killed late in pregnancy are healthy, normal children, aborted most commonly for reasons of so-called maternal mental health. The article showed that of 377 late-term abortions - defined as beyond 20 weeks - committed there between 1998 and 2002, the mother's mental state was cited as the most common reason for the abortion in more than half of the cases. The mother had developed a medical problem in 10 cases, and fetal abnormality accounted for an additional 171 late-term abortions. Sixteen babies were aborted at 24 weeks or later.

Dr John James, vice-president of Right to Life Australia commented, "The proponents of late-term abortion always insist the majority of late term abortions are done almost entirely for severe congenital abnormalities."

There is no acceptable reason to kill an unborn child -- a mother's mental state is, by default, by no means an "acceptable reason," Dr. James emphasized.

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Mel Gibson opposes California embryonic stem cell research measure

The actor/producer launched the battle of the Hollywood stars on Thursday as he took issue with an endorsement actor and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gave to a controversial billion-dollar measure in California that would fund research involving the destruction of human life. The "Passion of the Christ" producer said he initially was supportive of the proposal until he found out that it would fund cloning and killing of human embryos.

"I'm very concerned with the stem cell question. I'm for stem cell research. I think it can do a lot of good. When I heard about a Proposition 71 to promote stem cell research I was overjoyed because it can do so much good," Gibson said.

"I found that the cloning of human embryos will be used in the process and that, for me, I have an ethical problem with that,'' Gibson told ABC. "Why do I, as a taxpayer, have to fund something I believe is unethical?''

"Adult stem cell research, I'm all for it. I'll give my own stem cells to somebody if they want. But I can't condone this"

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Thursday, October 28, 2004
Janet's story:

"Out of six close friends we had eight abortions between us. Everyone of us had one or more abortions. It was like that. It was like a pact. You know... "I have been through it... you can go through it." It was all a lie.

.. It's a pain that tears at you all of the time. And it effects all of your life. If I could stop the clock and go back to those people who wanted me to have the abortion, I would say to them, "Its the WRONG thing to do. Its effects are on my life and on my child's life are irreparable.""

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Hispanic groups endorses President Bush, saying that Bush knows and understands the Hispanic community better than any other President before him.

A new poll conducted by Zogby International in April shows Hispanic Americans are largely pro-life.

When asked to give a specific position as to if and when abortion should be legal or illegal, Hispanics support a pro-life position by a 78-21% margin. An overwhelming 40% of all Hispanics say abortion should never be legal. Others taking a pro-life view say abortion should be illegal except when the life of the mother is in danger (11%) or illegal except in rare instances when the woman is a victim of rape or incest (27%). Only 21% took a position in favor of legal abortions and only 15% of Hispanic Americans say abortion should be legal throughout pregnancy. The rest favor prohibiting abortion in the later stages of pregnancy.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
What lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why,
I have forgotten, and what arms have lain
Under my head till morning; but the rain
Is full of ghosts tonight, that tap and sigh
Upon the glass and listen for reply,
And in my heart there stirs a quiet pain
For unremembered lads that not again
Will turn to me at midnight with a cry.
Thus in winter stands the lonely tree,
Nor knows what birds have vanished one by one,
Yet knows its boughs more silent than before:
I cannot say what loves have come and gone,
I only know that summer sang in me
A little while, that in me sings no more.

- Edna St. Vincent Millay, "What Lips My Lips Have Kissed"

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Oh, damn you, Blogger. Just when I thought I had so much to say.

I want to go watch CSI Miami with my jam sandwich creams now. Hmm.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Don't miss Faces of Abortion

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Norma McCorvey endorses President Bush, saying that she's voting to re-elect President Bush, because he is committed to the cause of life and wants (the) nation to make room to welcome and protect every unborn child.

Meanwhile, a new poll shows that women voters favor Bush over Kerry. Of those who cite abortion as high priority, women voters back Bush over Kerry by a 67.5% to 27.6% margin.

Speaking of which,

".. Tennessee Women for Kerry may not have the slightest idea, nor care even if told, that it was the Republican party, not the Democrats, who gave women the right to vote. It is the height of irony that women have been given the right to vote by Republicans only to consistently beat them up with it.

Shockingly, it is a woman's right to abort one's child that trumps a woman's right to vote. Republicans handed the vote to women and they have been using it to defeat Republicans ever since."

Check out this op-ed

And Kerry says, "I love my church, I respect the bishops but I respectfully disagree" -- on faith

Tee hee. Hmm. Wonder what the Catholics will say about this.

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Mark your calendars..

Go on, be there if you can..

Walk for life

I know I will and I really want to (although nothing is concrete at this point). More details here

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Can't sleep. Had to feed my boys. Tyler in the next hour or so. Smelly needs to be fed every two hours. Please God, please make him better tomorrow.

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Monday, October 25, 2004
Long day. I was cramming on that stupid report I'm so dizzy and nauseous now I can't sleep. We brough Smelly to Dr Kasey again earlier this evening. Smelly had traces of blood in his pee yesterday. He hasn't been well, not quite eating since he got back on Monday after his surgery. "He's all fur and bones," Smelly used to be so fat, and Kasey knows that because he's been treating Smelly for a couple of years now. We were told that he's got a lot of gas in his tummy and he had his stool tested. Dr Kasey said that his intestine isn't looking too good (plus there's some goddamned nasty, nasty parasites in there and he couldn't fight it because he's not eating) and he's really, really weak. The next twenty-fours hours is critical, we were told, and unless he gets enough food in his system within this time, we may need to have him admitted again tomorrow. You know what? I could lose him.. it's that scary. "Just make sure you didn't reach that point when he couldn't lift his head," Kasey said. And I felt so, so dizzy suddenly.

Smelly got a shot of vitamins and energy booster, and Raymond fed him some food before we left. Katherine had a gorgis brown terrier which she adopted. And Raymond taught me how to hold Smelly like a baby. My baby was fast asleep by the time we got home, and somehow I am glad.

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Sunday, October 24, 2004
The very thing I was most famous for on earth was the thing I would be most sorry for in heaven.. It was the worst thing I ever could have done.

- Norma McCorvey, the former 'Jane Roe' of Roe vs Wade

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"All evils are not equal. Abortion, representing as it does an attack on the most innocent of all human life and the most sacred of all human relationships, is so grave and profound an evil that it calls all men and women of good will to action. Abortion is an evil we can do something about, not only by prohibiting this cruel practice once and for all but by assuring that each and every child is welcomed in life, protected in law, and cared for in society. As a nation, we are wealthy enough, blessed enough, and compassionate enough to achieve this goal and to achieve it right now. If, however, we choose to stand idly by while abortion continues, we risk the fate of the rich man who refused to lift a single finger to help the starving Lazarus... Abortion is the greatest moral evil of our age. As the deliberate killing of an innocent human being, there is "no circumstance, no purpose, no law whatsoever" that can justify or excuse abortion."

- Archbishop Bernard W. Schmitt, Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia

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When the righteous cry for help, the LORD hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles.

- Psalm 34:17

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Saturday, October 23, 2004
YEAH, Bush!

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"Archbishop Charles Chaput on why Catholics must advocate for the common good and dignity of every person:

"We see abortion as a matter of civil rights and human dignity, not simply as a matter of religious teaching. We are doubly unfaithful - both to our religious convictions and to our democratic responsibilities - if we fail to support the right to life of the unborn child. Our duties to social justice by no means end there. But they do always begin there, because the right to life is foundational.

Words are cheap. Actions matter. If we believe in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, we need to prove that by our actions, including our political choices. Anything less leads to the corruption of our integrity. Patriotism, which is a virtue for people of all faiths, requires that we fight, ethically and nonviolently, for what we believe. Claiming that "we don't want to impose our beliefs on society" is not merely politically convenient; it is morally incoherent and irresponsible."

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Brazil's top court this week voted 7-4 to end the practice of performing abortions on some disabled unborn children. A largely Catholic nation, Brazil prohibits virtually all abortions, except those necessary to save the life of the mother or in rare cases of rape or incest. Abortion advocates decried the decision that ends abortions on unborn children who are physically and mentally disabled because they have no properly developed a brain.

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You know what I like enjoy most about baking? The eating part. What I don't like is the washing up and waiting in anticipation while the cake set in the oven. But all in all, everything went well today. I baked two cakes today. Tyler isn't cranky but Smelly isn't feeling to good, I think. He's just not eating. I tried to call Dr Kasey this morning but the stupid nurse (no, Katherine isn't there today) told me that I should just bring him in. Hmph. The last thing I need right now is to be away from Smelly again.

We're having some company for dinner tonight, and I'm making pasta, some cold dish I learnt from Martha Stewart, barbequed honeyed buffalo wings, plus the cakes and sorbets for dessert. Teddy took a raincheck this weekend, but promised to be back next week. Oh, and Chad called last night - he might be here for Thanksgiving, if not Samhain. I can't wait. It would be fun to get Jules *hints* and the others too. Tyler in his first Samhain costume. Hmm. Picture that.

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Friday, October 22, 2004
Testimony of a former abortion clinic operator:

"One day a young girl came to us for a late second trimester abortion. You see, we did pregnancies all the way up to term. We've terminated up to 38 weeks of pregnancy. And this young girl came to us and she wanted an abortion.

She was a single mother, working, going to school and she found herself pregnant again. She was ashamed of what had happened to her and she did not want to tell her family or her friends that she was pregnant again. So she came to us.

I evaluated her and realized that she was very sick. She was running a fever. I didn't know why. I didn't know what was wrong with her, but one thing I did know was that she was not healthy enough to go through a late second trimester abortion.

So I turned her down. I told her that we couldn't do it, that she needed to go to a hospital where they could take care of her and find out what was wrong with her. Dr. Tucker found out that I turned her down and came in and insisted that I put her through. He said she had paid an $1800 deposit and that he was not going to give her the money back.

I argued with him. I told him my reasons for turning her down, but it just wasn't good enough. He insisted that I put her through.

Her procedure took two days and in those two days, I grew very close to her. Not because I really wanted to get to know her, but because I was mad at Dr. Tucker for overriding my decision. And I felt sorry for her. I found out that she was so much like me. She was struggling so hard, being a single parent, working a full-time job, going to school, trying so hard to make it in this life and she just couldn't handle another child.

The doctor came in and did her abortion. I monitored on ultrasound while he was doing the abortion. And as soon as he was through he walked out of the room. She was still under general anesthesia, that a non-qualified person had administered.

As she started coming to, she started having difficulty breathing. Her blood pressure bottomed out. Everything was going wrong. I sent for the doctor to come back in the room. There was a lot of panic, a lot of confusion. We were running around, trying to resuscitate her, trying to do everything we could to stabilize her. And the other patients that were waiting to have abortions were in the very next room.

When the doctor walked in the room, he got angry, because we were making so much noise. He told me to get that patient out of the room and take her to the back recovery room so the other patients could not hear her or us.

I took her to the back recovery room. I stayed with her and did everything I could do to stabilize her, but then she started bleeding. She was bleeding uncontrollably, I couldn't stop it. I ran back to the doctor and I said "You've got to help me. She's bleeding and I don't know what to do." He said to take her to the examining room, examine her, find out why she's bleeding and stop it. "It's that simple."

So I did. I took her to the examining room and tried to find out what was going wrong, but there was so much blood. I did everything I had been trained to do. I used petosin, petresin, I packed the uterus. I did everything that I knew to do, but she kept bleeding. I then called an ambulance so we could get her to the hospital and they could help her.

When the doctor found out that I called the ambulance, he was furious. He canceled the ambulance. He told me, "I'm the doctor here. I'll make those decisions. We cannot send this patient to the hospital in this condition. They'll hang us. Now try to stabilize her."

And I did. I tried. At this point she couldn't talk. She was in such serious condition that all she could do was just look at me with very frightened eyes -- just look at me. And I tried so hard to help her. Blood was just pouring out of her like a faucet and I couldn't stop it.

Blood was just pouring out of her like a faucet and I couldn't stop it.

So I ran back to him and said, "Please help me. If you don't help me she's going to die." He said, "Fine. Call the ambulance. I have a plane to catch." And he left the building.

I called the ambulance. It took twenty minutes for them to get to the clinic. During that twenty minutes I realized that I was not a doctor and it scared me to death to realize that I was put in that position -- that I let myself be put in that position -- to try and save a life that I was not qualified to try and save.

The other thing that ran through my mind was the doctor. He was my hero. He brought me up from nothing to making approximately $100,000 a year and doing real well. But at that moment I finally saw him for who he really was. He was a coward and he had run out on a patient that needed him.

So they transported her to the hospital. I felt relieved that she was just gone and that the responsibility had been taken off of me. I then received a phone call from the hospital, which informed me that she had died.

At that point I started having nightmares. Every time I would close my eyes I would see her face. The guilt and the anger that I was experiencing was overwhelming, it almost destroyed me.

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Hear, hear.. abortion/breast-cancer link again reported by cancer researchers..

Another study of has shown that pregnancy-related factors, especially those related to a first pregnancy, significantly influence women's risk of breast cancer. A group of 2,500 women who developed breast cancer after their first pregnancy were compared with 10,000 cancer-free mothers of single children. The research indicates, "extremely premature delivery" is included in the risk factors for a two-fold increase in the cases of breast cancer.

Researchers report in the International Journal of Cancer, "Extreme prematurity has been characterized by high maternal estrogen levels, which could increase breast cell proliferation." Such cell proliferation is the source of breast cancer.

Bill Davenport, Executive Director of The Valley Care Pregnancy Centre in Kentville, Nova Scotia, wrote on the organization's web log, "When looking into options that a young woman has when she discovers she is pregnant, the issue of risks involved with abortion comes up. Recently, in the media, there has been talk of links of breast cancer with abortion. This seems to go hand in hand with the debated idea that abortion increases the risk of cancer, for abortion is a form of 'extremely premature delivery'. People need to know the risks they take before undergoing any surgery."

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Court denied request by Bush's attorneys to rehear case regarding Terri Schiavo

"Florida's Supreme Court refused on Thursday to reconsider its ruling overturning a state law that let Florida Gov. Jeb Bush keep a severely brain-damaged woman on life support against the wishes of her husband and legal guardian.

In a 4-3 opinion, the court rejected a request by Bush's attorneys to rehear the case. The court ruled unanimously last month against the hastily crafted law that prevented Michael Schiavo from withholding food and water from his wife, Terri. She has been on life support since suffering a heart attack in 1990. "

Terri's estranged bastard husband Michael has been trying for years to remove her feeding tube, which would cause Terri to die a painful death via starvation. Attorneys for Bush and Terri's family say Terri would never have chosen to have food and water taken away from her, which medical experts say would cause an excruciating week-long death via starvation.

Pray, we need to pray for her.

Alexa swing by at 6:09 PM

S arrives and she has given birth too! Looks like my trip to Oz may be delayed after all. I was really looking forward to a nice holiday, but that can wait, yeah? S is staying with her mom here, and I hope to see her soon. I was gonna bake a cake for her today, but all plans fell apart today. Tyler kept crying, refuses to sleep and wants to be carried, and my head is spinning. Argh. Mom is coming with dinner later, thank god for mommies!

On a lighter note, tonight is the result telecast for the final 7 of the local idol quest. I'm rooting for single mommy Maia, YEAH! She twenty-three, she's spunky and she's shown us that you CAN be a mommy AND fulfil your dreams. Unplanned pregnancy: a detour, not a dead end. So you go, girl!

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Thursday, October 21, 2004
"The suction machine was very loud - a horrible noise. They had a picture on the ceiling for you to look at so you wouldn't have to think about what was happening to you. The image of that picture is burned into my memory. They took my baby from me while I looked at people walking in the rain.

.. When we got back to my dorm room, I was crying. I told everyone how awful it was, and how I wished I hadn't done it after all. My boyfriend laughed at me - laughed at me! - and said, "Well, that's what you get for screwing around!" One of the guys from school tried to throw him out, and they got into a fight. It was a horrible scene. I'm sure he got drunk to try and deal with it; he knew, deep down, that it was wrong. He was only trying to blame me for it so the responsibility for it wouldn't weigh on his shoulders.

In the end, the abortion did not "solve all my problems" as everyone had promised. My parents still kicked me out. I had to quit school. I married the boyfriend. It didn't work out. He became an alcoholic and a drug addict. He beat me up and brought other women into our bed.

One night during a drunken spree, he held a knife to my chest. I told him to kill me, that I wanted to die. I had nothing. No parents, no husband, really, no baby, and no self-respect. How could he respect me? I had killed our child. How could I look at myself in the mirror every day? I was a murderer. I truly wanted to die."

Read Colleen's story here.

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"I'm sure that many of you had errands to run, housework to be done or you could have just slept late on a cool fall morning. Instead you chose to give an hour of your time to standing up for the dignity of the unborn, opposing the culture of death and reminding women and men who come to Planned Parenthood that the Church offers life-saving alternatives to those who have been led to believe that abortion is their only option."

Chicago Cardinal thank young adult group for pro-life witness

Alexa swing by at 1:33 PM

UNICEF promotes abortion, says Population Research International president Steven Mosher and should not receive support.

Alexa swing by at 1:21 PM

An email from the NRLC states that a piece by a California seminary professor is appearing on the internet and an in several newspapers claiming that abortions have increased under the Bush administration. While trotting out what appear to be detailed statistics from several states, the professor has one basic problem: his numbers don't hold up.

Glenn Stassen, the Lewis B. Smedes Professor of Christian Ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, says that while national statistics from 1990 to 2000 show abortion declining, figures from 11 out of 16 states show abortion increasing since Bush took office. This is both mistaken and misleading.

Stassen looks at national figures showing the annual number of abortions dropping from about 1.6 million in 1990 to just over 1.3 million in 2000 to argue that there was a steady decline of 1.7% a year before Bush took office. There was a 17.4% decline over the decade, but Stassen's claim is misleading. The decline was strongest in the first half of the decade, which began with George H.W. Bush in office, but slowed during Bill Clinton's term, and even reversed itself one year. In Clinton's last year in office, the decline was not 1.7%, but just 0.1%.

There have been no national figures published beyond 2000. Setting aside for the moment the question of whether the sixteen states Stassen uses to support his claim of a reversed national trend are representative of the country as a whole, Stassen's case falls apart when one attempts to confirm the data he has reported.

Stassen lists South Dakota and Wisconsin as two places where abortions increased from 2001 to 2002. Figures from those state health departments show abortions decreased in both states during that time frame.

Stassen lists Illinois as another state where abortions increased from 2001 to 2002. State records do confirm a slight increase for 2002, but then a drop of 10% for 2003, indicating that 2002 was probably just an aberration in a long term downward trend.

With those three states shifting from the increase to the decrease column, Stassen's claim that abortions have increased in 11 out of 16 states now turns into a 8 to 8 tie, with as many states decreasing as increasing. Hardly anything definitive.

Stassen reports large increases in four of the 16 states above Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, and Michigan. While state data do record a significantly higher number of abortions in these states for 2002 than in 2001, officials from at least two of the states with the highest reported increases caution against seeing this as evidence of any real increase.

In Arizona, where Stassen reported a 26.4% increase, the state Department of Health Services cautioned in its report that it is unclear whether this increase in the number of reported abortions represents a true increase in the actual number of abortions performed, or, perhaps, a better response rate of providers of non-surgical (so called medical) terminations of pregnancy.

State officials in Colorado, where Stassen reported an astronomical 67.4% one year increase, recently revamped their reporting regimen to address underreporting, and sent a note to abortion providers reminding them that reporting was required in Colorado. The state said they expected an increase in reports, and declared, no one could or should conclude that this anticipated increase in the rate of reported terminations reflects an increase in the true rate.

Stassen doesn't report these caveats. But if state officials are reluctant to say their data indicates real increases, they don't belong on Stassen's list of states with more abortions. That would leave just 6 increasing versus 8 decreasing states, the opposite of what Stassen claims. Stassen's case falls apart.
Stassen's thesis that abortion increases can be linked to job losses and other economic factors doesn't even hold up to his own data.

While some states where Stassen said abortions increased also saw increases in their unemployment rates over those same years, there are also plenty of counter-examples. Illinois's abortions dropped substantially between 2002 and 2003, in spite of its unemployment rate being stuck at 6.7%, among the worst in the nation. Ohio's unemployment rate rose considerably relative to most other states, but abortions there declined. If the economic determinism Stassen assumes was valid, those state results would be reversed.

Stassen presents himself as someone sympathetic to the pro-life cause who was shocked and saddened to find out that our pro-life president's policies were not having the pro-life effects he anticipated. That persona is misleading.

Though he identifies himself as consistently pro-life, Stassen fails to mention that he was one of the original signatories of Call to Concern, a 1977 document that expressed support for the Roe v. Wade decision and affirmed that abortion in some instances may be the most loving act possible.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Kayla and me, with a bag of Popeye's fried chicken:

Me: It smells

Kay: Yeah

Me: No, it smells

Kay: I know

Me: It smells, and everyone's gonna be looking at me

Kay: Yeah... and they wouldn't be able to tell which is which

Me: HUH?!

Kay: *burst out laughing*

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Following yesterday's article, The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer criticizes the Supreme Court's refusal to hear lawsuit.

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Arnie endorses embryonic stem cell measure. Meanwhile, Michael J. Fox is a cannibal, according to Jill Stanek..

"..Fox's affliction that he has either extremely poor judgment or a diabolical character flaw. He supports human embryonic stem cell experimentation, thus contending that some humans are subhuman and expendable for others' personal gain"

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A late abortion fiasco

"During the abortion, Margot screamed in pain and begged staff to stop. They proceeded with the surgery and discovered that the pregnancy had actually been 20 weeks, late in the second trimester.

Allen continued to do the abortion without aid of ultrasound, but perforated Margot's uterus and was unable to complete the procedure. Finally he sent Margot for a sonogram. While Margot was waiting for the sonogram, she bled so heavily her blood was pooling on the floor.

Margot finally insisted that she be sent to the hospital, three hours after the abortion was begun. There she was discovered to have damage to multiple internal organs, a fungal infection, and a hematoma. She was near death and needed a complete hysterectomy."

(Thanks to Christina for the story)

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Senator Kerry: his bishop, his faith and abortion

"Like it or not... admit it or not, the Senator knows that the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church - the Church whose teachings and tenets he so vocally proclaims to be in concert with - unalterably and unequivocally opposes abortion in any of its forms. This as a matter of "faith"... no "if", "and" or "but" about it. To brazenly expose open defiance of the teachings of the institution of his religion - a religion which is steeped in untold millennia of scholarship in the personage of some of the greatest minds known in the annals of mankind - is manifest arrogance and pride beyond the pale. Such a display of intellectual insularity before an audience numbering in the tens of millions is hardly the signature of character fiber woven of the highest quality components.

As to the logic involved, its absurdity of application screams for remediation. If, as the Senator suggests, everything one does in life has to be "guided by faith... but" (enter the invalid middle premise) "without transferring it in any official way to other people", he poses a very interesting Gordian knot. Consider the following query: how might the Senator address the issue of the next 911 event - as and when it occurs - if it is perpetrated by men of "faith" who sincerely believe that what they are doing is, as a matter of their "faith", divinely ordained? Will he, in such event, then defer any remedial action lest same be construed as having been an imposition of his "faith" against the evils of genocide upon those malefactors not so inclined to his way of believing... his "faith"?

As a matter of "faith", the Senator needs some serious help."

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Late abortion furore erupts

As reported in the Herald Sun, a Melbourne hospital was ordered to release private medical records, relating to the termination of a 32-week BABY at the Royal Women's Hospital in April 2000. ('Controversial'? Hmm.)

The case caused a public storm after Victorian anti-abortion senator Julian McGauran referred to it in Parliament in 2002. Senator McGauran, who was granted access to the woman's files by a coroner, has been fighting for an investigation by the Medical Practitioners Board ever since. The hospital however, claims the board, which investigates doctors and medical practices, does not have the right to confidential information without the consent of the patient.
The Melbourne Magistrates' Court has been told the mother became suicidal after she was told by doctors the baby was suffering from dwarfism.
I feel sorry for the mother in question. Not because her baby is suffering from dwarfism, but because she chose to end the life of her baby, because he/she was imperfect - in her eyes. God never teach us to reject imperfection. Certainly not His gifts.

(Thanks to Earl for the link, more on this at Life Matters!)

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A voting guide for parents..

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The U.S. Supreme Court won't hear abortion-breast cancer link lawsuit filed by two Californian women against Planned Parenthood, upholding an earlier decision by the California Supreme Court and ordering the women to pay $77,000 in attorney fees to the nation's largest abortion business.

The original lawsuit was launched in August, 2001, by Agnes Bernardo of Chula Vista, Pamela Colip of Loma Linda, and Sandra Duffy-Hawkins of Sacramento. The women simply wanted Planned Parenthood to begin providing women with accurate information about the overwhelming evidence that abortion raises breast cancer risk; they were not suing for monetary damages.

"Twenty-eight out of 37 studies published since 1957 have associated this elective surgical procedure with breast cancer," Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, said, following the launch of the suit in 2001. "Women have a right to make fully informed decisions concerning their own health. If women are denied crucial information about the risks of a procedure, can it really be said that a choice ever belonged to them?"

"Accurate information about the research has been censored by Planned Parenthood and its supporters since abortion was legalized in the U.S. nearly three decades ago," Malec charges. "It was censored by the same people who ardently professed that they cared about women's health. Planned Parenthood's greed will cost women their lives and devastate families. This is a travesty of justice."

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My sister and I fetched Smelly from the clinic last evening. I have never been so relieved, Mom too. He looks well, a lot fresher than he was a couple of days ago. We let him out of his carrier, he pee-ed and walked to the far end of the bench at the waiting room. A doggie looked on curiously, I don't know why but he attracts doggies a lot. Raymond, Dr Kasey's assistant, told us that the poor boy had like three ulcers in his mouth. My heart broke. No wonder he couldn't eat! We went in to see Dr Kasey, who explained to us the causes of his teething problem. So unless he start doing some serious chewing (of hays) now, he might have to face the same problem again (BUMMER!), and with age, he might not be able to take the anesthesia as well as he did now. Anyway, we went home and he ran straight to his pillows and blankets. Tyler squealed when he saw Smelly, and followed suit. Yeah, he crawls! Me, I'm just so glad that he's back, so thank you, Lord, for bringing him back!

Thanks also to everyone else for your good wishes!

p.s. Can anyone please tell me where I can buy some wheat grass, wotever they are? Tag, drop me a mail or TEXT!

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Monday, October 18, 2004
"No organization in this state does more to prevent abortion than Planned Parenthood of Indiana."

'scuse me? Oh puhleese. Tell me I'm not reading that right.

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Should the courts decide if they should live or die? Just days after judge ruled on baby Charlotte Wyatt, another parent faces the same ordeal. 9-month-old Luke Winston-Jones, from Holyhead, north Wales, was given only days to live after he was diagnosed shortly after birth with Trisomy 18.

My 'little fighter' St. Bruce

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The clinic called, Smelly is awake and doing alright. I spoke with Dr Kasey earlier and he said that the boy is doing great. Phew. Mom and I spent the weekend worrying ourselves silly. Tyler was just curious, I think he must've been wondering where his furry little friend is. I bet if he could speak he would've asked me. Smelly has always been close, watching over him like a hawk. My sister and I will pick him up later this evening - can't wait. Thank the gods for keeping my babies safe.

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"Dr Lee (lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Kent and pal/associate of the infamous Ann Furedi of BPAS whose practice of guiding women more than six months pregnant to the Barcelona Ginemedex Clinic for abortions - illegal under both British and Spanish law - was revealed last week) stated her mantra that "abortion should be available as early as possible and as late as necessary". So, I asked her, suppose a mother gave birth to a baby at full term, and then just as the umbilical cord had been cut, found that the infant repelled her. Should she be allowed to have the baby killed? "I think so, yes," replied Dr Lee. There and then, live on Radio 4, I dried up."

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"Mary never saw the words on the sonogram report that would have changed everything: "No abnormalities detected." Had she been told this, she never would have had the abortion. She would have been freed from the guilt and fear that her handicapped child would be unadoptable or an unbearable burden on her parents and son. This abortion counselor only wanted Mary to see one choice: abortion. They took advantage of a depressed 18 year old, leading her to make a major life and health decision based on incomplete and misleading statements. Never once did they mention the guilt and pain she would have endured even if she had survived her "safe and legal" abortion. So much for 'freedom of choice'."

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Sunday, October 17, 2004
"I was a survivor of abortion. I can remain silent no more. Life is never a mistake; life is always a blessing from God."

Audrey's story

"She told me how, at 39, with her 5 children grown.. she had found herself pregnant. She had been pressured especially by a particular friend to abort because she was too old and it would be "ridiculous" at her age, to have a baby. This was 1952, and her friend told her a self abortion method. She delayed her abortion attempt until the end of June, her eldest son Elliott's, birthday. She was about 3 months pregnant.

She started to cry and told me never to believe them when they tell you it is not a baby, but just a blob of tissue. Tracing a tiny outline in the palm of her hand, she said "he was this big and a fully formed baby." She could hardly continue. "He was a perfect little baby boy." She cried to heaven on that cold bathroom floor and asked God to forgive her and promised Him if she were ever to become pregnant again, she would NEVER abort a baby. She flushed her little son down the toilet and said she lay on the cold floor crying until she was numb.

No one knew, except her and her so called "friend." Later, she still felt pregnant. The doctor said that I was probably a tumor or an ulcer. And the first part of September, I kicked her! The doctor was amazed that I had been a hiding twin and survived the abortion attempt. She told no one of her pregnancy except my dad, and later, my youngest brother, 19 year old Fred, who I kicked.

.. She asked me to forgive her. I asked if she loved me NOW because she did not know me then. She sobbed and sobbed and said, "Yes. I love you with my very life." I said, "Ok," and walking back down the hall to my room I could still hear her heartbreaking sobs. When my dad hurried and caught my arm, he whispered, "I did not do it." And pointing to Mom, he said, "She did!" And I believe the Holy Spirit said this to him through me: "But your love was supposed to make her feel safe to have me." Those words hit his heart and stopped him from coming any further.

Years came and went. My mom's "illness" without a name was cyclical and caused her to take to her bed from the end of June to the beginning of September. Sometimes she flew into rages, or walked the floors night after night, or went on buying binges. She suffered from paranoia, and gobbled down her doctor's pills. This led to stays in mental hospitals, filled with psychotropic drugs and painful electroshock therapy... I remember when I looked deeply into her drugged eyes and told her one summer day, "I know my mom is in there somewhere and some day when I grow up, I am going to find out what this illness is!" We all suffered. Around me I saw other moms with similar problems and obsessions. Now we were living in the days of Roe v. Wade. Imagine the scope of my mom's pain from just one abortion attempt, and now women have multiple abortions! Three months before my mom died, I asked her why all the breakdowns June through September every year. Why? She broke down in tears and said it was on Elliott's birthday (the end of June) that she aborted my brother and when Elliott had died tragically at age 27, she felt she had caused the death of her first born son when she aborted her last son.. She could not trust herself and hated herself for aborting her baby! How could God forgive her? It was a form of self punishment for a crime she felt she could not be forgiven. "

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A Time magazine poll conducted on Thursday and Friday gives President Bush a small lead in the upcoming presidential election. The poll showed the race for the White House deadlocked at 48% for President Bush and 46% for John Kerry.

According to the poll, 54% of voters take a pro-life position opposing more than 97% of all abortions while only 44% support legal abortion.

9% say abortion should be illegal under any circumstances while 45% said virtually all abortions should be legal -- supporting them in only the very rare instances of rape, incest or when the life of the mother is in danger. Meanwhile, 44% said that a woman should be able to get an abortion for any reason during the first three months of pregnancy.

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Baby Hope:

The woman was 22 weeks pregnant when she sought the assistance of Dr. Martin Haskell, the originator of the partial-birth abortion procedure, to rid herself of her already-kicking child. Haskell performed the first stage of the partial-birth abortion. He inserted a seaweed-based substance into the woman's cervix and instructed her to return the following day. But in this case, things did not go according to plan. The woman complained of severe abdominal pain on the first night and, being far from Haskell's clinic, reported to the emergency room of her local hospital, Bethesda North, in Cincinnati. As she was being examined (she did not say she was pregnant), the baby was born - alive. Pediatricians and neonatologists came running. The baby girl weighed in at 1 pound.

The doctors decided that the child was very unlikely to survive and instructed that nothing be done. Connie Boyles, a nurse, and Shelly Lowe, a medical technician, saw the baby girl gasp for air and were stunned. Lowe, knowing that the nurses were busy caring for other patients in the emergency room, asked if she could hold the child she dubbed "Baby Hope" until she died. The request was granted. Lowe wrapped Baby Hope in a blanket and settled into a rocking chair for what she imagined would be just a few minutes. She sang to her and stroked her cheeks. "I wanted her to feel that she was wanted," Lowe explained later. "She was a perfectly formed newborn, entering the world too soon, through no choice of her own."

The baby sucked on her lower lip, opened and closed her hands, and moved a bit as Lowe held her. She also did something else - she continued to breathe on her own.

After three hours, Baby Hope died in the arms of the compassionate Shelly Lowe. The state of Ohio issued her a death certificate. The cause of death was listed as "extreme prematurity secondary to induced abortion"

Lowe was asked at a press conference what her position on abortion was. She said she had been pro-choice but was now pro-life. What changed her mind? Three hours.

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Saturday, October 16, 2004
"The assertion that life begins at conception is not an article of faith. It is a reality that our laws must reflect. The pro-"choice" argument ultimately devolves into an assertion that it is OK to kill certain innocent humans, under certain circumstances. This is the morality of "might makes right" -- and we're into the very essence of the philosophy that has driven genocide after tragic genocide throughout human history.

For all their talk about not imposing morality, pro-choicers attempt to impose their morality an awful lot. Since "might makes right" is central to the entire "pro-choice" movement, it shouldn't be surprising to find out that abortion rights activists are imposing their will on people all across America.

Let me give you some examples. Recently, the Tennessee state legislature authorized the production of license plates that read "Choose Life" -- which doesn't seem like such a controversial statement. Don't pro-choicers, after all, say they want abortion to be "safe, rare and legal"? Don't pro-choicers favor "choice" -- meaning they don't care whether you choose life or abortion? Well, guess again. The American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood Federation of America sued the state because it wasn't printing a similar, alternative license plate, which presumably would encourage abortion.

NARAL Pro-Choice America, whose departing president, Kate Michelman, spoke at Penn last year, opposed the passage of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which requires that people who murder pregnant women be charged with two counts of homicide. Polls show that nearly 80 percent of Americans support this common-sense legislation. But -- in the name of "choice" -- NARAL refused to recognize the value of even a wanted child.

In a telling misstep, NARAL also originally opposed the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, which requires abortionists to be accountable for the lives of children "accidentally" born alive in the process of a botched abortion. Prior to the enactment of this law, infants born alive during an abortion would often be left to die. NARAL, apparently, was OK with this. Thankfully, the bill sailed through Congress with virtually no opposition.

The last several years have seen discrimination against private and religious hospitals that refuse to provide abortion services. The ACLU's "Reproductive Freedom Project" has issued reports specifically threatening hundreds of Catholic hospitals across the country with lawsuits if they receive public funding and don't provide abortion and contraception services. NARAL even says that conscience clauses, which protect the rights of conscientious objectors not to participate in abortions, are "dangerous for women's health." Whatever happened to the "right to choose"?

Finally, there is evidence to suggest that, when women considering abortion see their unborn children by ultrasound, most decide to bring their pregnancies to term. The Informed Consent Act, pending in Congress, would provide grants to pregnancy centers to offer free sonograms to pregnant women. Why would anyone oppose this? As one Long Island, N.Y. abortionist told The New York Times, "The bottom line is no woman is going to want an abortion after she sees a sonogram."

We need to foster a culture where mothers know they can bring their pregnancies to term. But the pro-choice movement doesn't offer women real choices. According to Planned Parenthood's Alan Guttmacher Institute, there were 1.3 million induced abortions in 2000, at an average cost of $487 each. Abortionists have built themselves quite a lucrative industry, and they have no incentive to encourage women to choose anything but abortion.

There is an ongoing, systematic effort in this country to smother anything that might influence women to choose life, and to compel pro-lifers to support abortion. Can we expect anything more from an industry whose core philosophy is "might makes right"?"

Read the full article here

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Oooh, 'Choice Week'.

"The atmosphere on campus is generally pro-choice and definitely embraces the view that reproductive freedom is a good thing".

Hmph. Indeed. I bet these kids don't really know what this 'freedom' entails.

"On Tuesday, the events centered around the past and future of the U.S. Supreme Court case upholding abortion rights, Roe v. Wade.

A panel discussion was held in the ARCH Building, where students watched Motherless, a documentary interviewing children of women who died from illegal abortions. The panel then discussed what could happen to reproductive freedom policies if President George W. Bush is re-elected."

They sure make 'legal' abortion sound like god's gift to mankind. How nice. Will somebody please tell these kids how women have DIED, some maimed for life from these 'legal' abortions?

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We brought Smelly to Dr Kasey's today, and made arrangement for his admission and hospitalisation. He'll be on the IV for at least twenty-four hours before his surgery on Monday.

He's just gone for a couple of hours now, and Tyler and I miss him already.

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The latest poll in Canada revealed that 68% of Canadians favored some legal protection before birth, most of those, 33%, believed that protection should be from conception forward. The percentage has increased from 2003 where the poll found 63% wanted some legal protection before birth.

The poll also found that 73% (up from 69% last year) of Canadians agree with legislation requiring that women considering abortion are informed about the risks of abortion, and alternatives to it.

55% of Canadians felt that parental consent should be required when minors are seeking abortion. 42% supported parental consent legislation last year.

The percentage of Canadians who objected to public funding of abortion (other than cases where the mother's life is in danger or that the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest) rose from 68% last year to 72% this year.

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Friday, October 15, 2004
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. A day to remember all of the babies, from pregnancy loss to infant death, babies who have died too soon. They were alive, if only for a while and today on October 15, we will remember, honor and celebrate their lives.

I'd like to ask that we observe a minute of silence at 1900 hours (eastern time +8 GMT) today to honor our lost children. (Please check with your local church/ministry for any special memorial service). Here at home, the boys and I will light candles and release balloons from 1900 hours in memory of these babies lost to miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth or neonatal death.

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Now, this is sad indeed.

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Thursday, October 14, 2004
The right to privacy or..

"In Storm Lake, Iowa, a worker found the dismembered body of a newborn baby boy after he had been dumped in the garbage and shredded in the city's recycler - a post - delivery abortion procedure.

With no leads, the sheriff's office issued subpoenas to area hospitals and clinics seeking contact information of all women who had positive pregnancy tests for the previous nine months.

All facilities complied except the community's standard-bearer of morality, the local Planned Parenthood, which said no.

The irony of requesting PP's help in a baby murder investigation cannot go without mention.

The county prosecutor, Phil Havens, subpoenaed and won the first round against PP in court. But, he told me, "the controversy and the seemingly unlimited resources of PP vs. my limited resources," caused him to abandon his suit.

The baby's murder case remains unsolved.

Meanwhile, for standing in the way of the infanticide investigation, Jill June, president and CEO of PP of Greater Iowa, was given a 2002 Ms. Magazine Woman of the Year award."

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"The sad truth is that abortion is often an act of desperation."

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Brought Smelly who to see Dr Kasey last evening -- he needs surgery (for dental filing). The surgery however, cannot be done at this point because Smelly hasn't been eating and is extremely weak right now. Kasey said that I should force-feed him for these next two days to get his body in shape for surgery. Will bring him in on Saturday -- Kasey wanted to put him on the IV first -- and the surgery will be done probably on Sunday. Tyler and I need all the prayers we can get, as there is always a risk for complications to put him on general anesthesia. So whatever you do, please keep my little fur son in your prayers.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
UNICEF is lobbying New Zealand Parliamentarians against a proposal requiring parental consent for abortions. The nation's health spokesman, Judith Collins, is promoting a law to require doctors to inform parents when underage girls are seeking abortion. UNICEF has written all MPs to denounce the proposal.

The UNICEF letter, signed by UNICEF's New Zealand executive director Dennis McKinlay, portrays parents as a danger. It suggested that when parents are informed that their daughters are seeking an abortion, it places the girls at "additional risk from violence."

The proposal was spurred by the fact that clandestine abortions allow sex abusers to escape justice.

Citing rare cases of abusive parents, UNICEF argues for denial of parental authority and even parents' right to be informed of serious medical interventions regarding their children's lives. The UNICEF letter acknowledges that the intent of the proposed legislation is to ensure parental support, but claims the "actual effect may be to place the health and safety of vulnerable young women at serious risk".

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Young conservatives bring abortion battle to Bucknell University with mock cemetery. Dubbed "Cemetery of the Innocents", the cemetery held 148 white crosses to represent the number of babies that would be aborted every hour in the United States, according to Allison Kasic, executive director of the club and senior at BU. According to statistics gathered by the club, there are 1.3 million abortions annually, and nearly 37,000 in Pennsylvania.

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I was twenty and she was eighteen,
we were just as wild as we were green, in the ways of the world
she picked me up in that red rag top,
we were free of the folks and hiding from the cops,
on a summer night runnin' all the red lights
we parked way out in a clearin'in a grove and the night
was hot as a coal burnin' stove,
we were cookin' the gas we were had to last

In the back of that red rag top
She said please don't stop

Well the very first time her mother met me,
her green eyed girl was a mother to be for 2 weeks
I was out of a job and she was in school,
life was fast and the world was cruel
We were young and wild, we decided not to have a child
So we did what we did and we tried to forget
and we swore up and down there would be no regrets
in the morning light,
but on the way home that night

On the back of that red rag top
She said please don't stop..
lovin' me

We took one more trip around the sun,
It was all make believe in the end,
No I can't say where she is today,
I can't remember who I was, back then
Well you do what you do and you pay for your sins,
and there's no such thing as what might've
been, that's a waste of time; drive you outta your mind
I was stopped at a red light just yesterday beside me was a young girl
in a cabriolet and her eyes
were green
I was in an old scene

I was back in that red rag top
On the day she stopped
Loving me
I was back in that red rag top
On the day she stopped
Loving me

- Tim McGraw, 'Red Rag Top'

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In another pro-life victory, Arizona county bans abortions at public hospitals, making (abortion) available only to rare cases where it is necessary to save the life of the mother.

The ban states: "No abortion shall be performed at any facility under the jurisdiction of the District unless such abortion is necessary to save the life of the woman having the abortion, or is otherwise required by law."

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004
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More smoke and mirrors..

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Expose: British Pregnancy Advisory Service helps women get illegal abortions

Two undercover reporters unearthed links between the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) and a Spanish clinic practising illegal abortions, making abortion on demand available in the country for late-term pregnancies. The expose was initiated by the pregnant reporter who contacted BPAS posing as a woman wanting an abortion:

"Staff at Ginemedex repeatedly told undercover reporters that they falsify paperwork to say that the mother is suffering a "gynaecological emergency"".

Despite this illegality, BPAS tells those seeking post-24 week abortions that it fully sanctions the clinic. Ginemedex staff confirmed their "very close" relationship with BPAS, and said that eight out of 10 patients were British, mostly referred via BPAS. They do up to seven abortions a day, four days a week."

Abortion is permitted by Spanish law up to full term where there is a "grave or serious threat to the physical or psychological wellbeing of the mother".

"But, self-evidently, this condition did not apply to Charlotte Edwardes, who was told by a nurse at the Barcelona clinic in a taped conversation: "There is a loophole in the law... So if you have a normal pregnancy but still you want [an abortion], what we do is put on the paper that there was a gynaecological emergency.""


Related news: What it means to kill a fetus after 24 weeks

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Miscarried unborn child thrown into trash compactor at hospital

"I cannot get this picture out of my head of my baby in the garbage," said the woman, who was four months pregnant. "Sorry is not going to be enough. I want to know who did this and I want to look in her eyes and ask her where I will go when I want to light a candle for my baby, or visit my baby."

Alexa swing by at 11:19 AM

Monday, October 11, 2004
"The legal line between infanticide and abortion is very thin but they are morally equivalent"

Abortion straddles infancide

"As John C. Harvey said in an essay published in Commonweal in 2002, "The human embryo is, indeed, a living human being from the moment of conception unfolding in an ordered fashion from embryo to octogenarian. ..It has an inviolable dignity. It is one of us."

After only one month in the womb, the developing baby has a heart beat. At the beginning of the second month of development, the fetus can be seen sucking its thumb. On that thumb is the baby's own unique fingerprints."

Alexa swing by at 5:12 PM

Here's one from Earl, Catholics need not apply! - Kerry know nothings bar seminarians from death party rally. This is a fascinating two part report on the wonderful Catholic pro-life witness of the St. Louise seminarians at a recent Death Party rally for Senator John Kerry. Just thought I should share this with my readers here. What these seminarians did was admirable indeed:

"As people entered the building they hurled insults at us, and one person tore up one of our signs and proclaimed that we were nothing but a bunch of "pedophile hookers." She was a great representative for the Kerry/Edwards supporters; she showed us what "tolerance" - a supposed virtue of Kerry supporters - is all about.

We were hailed as pedophile hypocrites who needed to clean our own house before we tell them what to do. We were accused of being the scum of the Catholic Church and homosexuals. We were accused of harboring criminals and being oppressive of women and African Americans. We had some "homosexuals for Kerry" stand in front of us and make out.. that was a great photo-op for many of the Kerry supporters. Needless to say it was a very ugly scene, but during it all we remained calm and prayerful - which infuriated them all the more."

Alexa swing by at 2:02 PM

Missouri resident Sarah Degenhart asked Kerry, "[S]uppose you are speaking with a voter who believed abortion is murder and the voter asked for reassurance that his or her tax dollars would not go to support abortion, what would you say to that person?"

Kerry told Degenhart that he respected her pro-life beliefs, but went on to say that he will use her tax money to fund abortions anyway - even in other countries.

Saying he was raised a Catholic, Kerry repeated a line of argument he has used frequently to deflect attention away from his pro-abortion position.

"I can't take what is an article of faith for me and legislate it for someone who doesn't share that article of faith," Kerry said.

Despite his refusal to oppose taxpayer funding of abortion, Kerry told Degenhart, "[A]s a president, I have to represent all the people in the nation."

Referring to public funding of abortions, Kerry said he would support "making certain that you don't deny a poor person the right to be able to have whatever the constitution affords them if they can't afford it otherwise."

Yea, yeah..

President Bush made it clear he would not use taxpayer dollars to fund abortions. Bush has reinstated the Mexico City Policy that prohibits taxpayer money from going to groups that perform or promote abortions in other countries. He expanded the policy to include all State Department programs and also denied federal funds four times to the UNFPA, a U.N. agency that supports China's policy of forced abortions and sterilizations.

Kerry on the other hand,has said he would restore UNFPA funding and revoke the Mexico City Policy on his first day in office.

Well, as a reader in TimesLeader wrote:

"If you don't care about the future of our country, at least look out for your own life. I don't mean your job or your income, but your life itself. It's consistent to pass from support abortion on demand to support of euthanasia, the killing of disabled adults. That horror is already here. In Florida a judge has repeatedly ordered that Terri Schiavo be taken off a feeding tube, though this would mean her death by starvation. Terri's parents have said that medical personnel have told them that Terri might recover, given proper treatment and therapy.

I agree with some objections against President Bush, but Sen. Kerry is an enthusiastic supporter of wickedness. Fear God: If you can't bring yourself to vote for Mr. Bush, stay at home and pray for our country. Whatever you do, just don't vote for Kerry."

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Sunday, October 10, 2004
From the pages of the Michigan State University Students for Life website:

"A heart begins to beat just 18 days after conception
Abortion stops a beating heart

And here's a link to more crisis pregnancy resources.

Related news: Pro-life Michigan State University student assaulted by abortion advocates

A male student was then talking with members of Students for Life, and had taken some of the literature and expressed interest from the group when two female pro-abortion students came up from behind and began harassing the student, telling him he had no right to an opinion on a woman's issue. The student turned around to ask who they were, they snatched the pro-life literature from his hands, and threw it at him. When he bent over to pick them up, they kicked his hands. Then, one of the pro-abortion students tackled the student, knocking him onto the recruitment table and crushing it "like on TV wrestling".

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Here's a quick round up of some of the best I've read today..

Fr. Tucker at Dappled Things on love:

"Love is a feeling. There is something that happens to us, over which we have very little control, which compels us to cherish certain people and things more than others. It is something we undergo or "suffer" (in the old sense), a passive thing, and so the ancients called it a "passion." Like gravity, it is something that has its own laws, and the most your effort can do is to delay its power over you. As with gravity, love is something into which one simply falls (and out of which, as well).

But Christ commands us to love. And this makes something immediately clear: love has to be more than just a passion. If I am to love my enemy, then something is going on beyond the mere reception of an external force that compels me to cherish someone. Even when I am loving my enemy, I rarely have lovely feelings for him. This aspect of love is not passive, but active. It is not something I suffer; it is something I will. I desire good for this person and actively pursue good for his sake. I actively hold my vengeful thoughts in check and forbid myself to seek his harm. "

And here's another excellent one at Kill as few patients as possible (thanks to Earl at Times Against Humanity for the link), with a discussion on abortion:

"I despise capital punishment, and current events in Texas make it obvious that it should be stopped. And if I actually believed John Kerry was opposed to capital punishment that might tickle my vote meter.

I hate that lives are still being lost in Iraq (although I am nearly positive that already and even more so over the long run, the balance will be far outweighed by lives saved), and if I actually believed John Kerry had a clue as to how to make things better, that might register on my voting consciousness a bit as well.

But all of that pales in comparison to the fact that we've slaughtered 45 million Americans in the last three decades for no reason other than that we want absolute freedom of sexual whateverness.

How could anyone possibly even consider putting someone in office who will do everything in his power to continue that slaughter. Help me understand."

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So Tyler is getting more and more adventurous now that he is crawling. He's real active and I am having trouble keeping up with him. LOL. Teddy, who flew in Friday night, went to do a bit of shopping yesterday morning. He brought in a couple of things from Hong Kong too. We child-proofed the house today, added more carpeting and play rugs? in the nursery and living area, so I don't have to worry about the boy getting hurt while I sit engrossed, in front of my Mac. He got us a play pen too, and it was in a lovely light shade with purple-ish hues. And I made some new covers for the pillows and bean bags.

Tyler is getting heavier each day, by the way..

.. and so is the mommy.

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Saturday, October 09, 2004
"I strive to be a mother of excellence and I always will. My children deserve it. But somewhere deep in my heart I know that I am not a "good mother", that I never really can be because of what I chose to do with one five-minute allotment of my life. Calling me a "good mother" because of my work with the children who survived my hand would be like calling O.J. Simpson a good husband in any subsequent marriage.

And this only serves as yet another illustration of why abortion is not an easy, ephemeral or escapable thing. Ultimately, abortion is very, very bad for us all."

- extracted from Ashli's post Friday

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A re-post from Daisies..

This is a heartwarming story of baby Samuel Amas who had a corrective spina bifida surgery while in his mother's womb (I posted the picture of his tiny unborn hand during surgery at 21-weeks a while ago). Here is his amazing story.

"Samuel has not yet seen God's sunshine; he does not recognize the tender words of his mother whispering, "I love you." He's never seen his father's approving smile. And he doesn't understand the laughter reverberating throughout the womb when he squirms about. But the infant does have a position -- call it a "fetal position," if you will -- on abortion. Simply put, the innocents within the womb have the God-given right to life and want to live."

Alexa swing by at 12:12 PM

".. even the elimination of poverty, an issue often compared to abortion as being proportionate, cannot justify "the direct murder of just one human being"," says Bishop Sheridan of the Catholic diocese of Colorado Springs, following Cardinal Ratzinger's statement on "proportionate reasons" (for supporting pro-abortion candidates). Bishop Sheridan said that it is "virtually inconceivable" that an evil greater than abortion could exist that would justify voting for a politician who supports it.

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Friday, October 08, 2004
Here is another testimony (makes one wonder if they all suddenly turned into irresponsible bastards - by bloody default - the minute you tell them you're preggers) This is Rebekah's experience behind the walls of a Planned Parenthood clinic:

"There were a few boyfriends around the room. They were all so young, with no shame on their faces at all. I walked to the counter. The receptionist was polite and gave me a clipboard with nearly a dozen pages of paperwork and general information.

I read through the material slowly, furtively glancing at those around me, trying to gain some understanding to why we were all doing this.

And here I was. Alone. Twenty-three years old, feeling like I was prostituting my body. I hated myself. I hated being looked at as surely as I was looking at those around me.

As I pretended to read my book, tears stung my eyes while I engaged in the most sincere prayer I have ever uttered: "God, move my legs toward the door. Do not forsake me now."

The last step before the actual 'procedure' was to talk to a counselor. She led me into a very small room with a counter and two chairs. She asked if I had any questions.

"Yes," I said, determined to be polite. "I want to see a picture of a 9-week old BABY." I enunciated "baby" very slowly and precisely. She caught on to my innuendo. "The FETUS," she replied, "is very small, I don't think it would be a good idea for you to see a picture."

I continued: "I want to know if the heart is beating."

"This is just going to make it harder on you," she replied.

All at once it made sense to me. We weren't in that room to discuss options. We were closing the deal. She was at the end of her sales pitch and about to lose an account.

"I would like to see a picture, please."

Reluctantly, she pulled out an old, smeared copy of a hand-drawn "fetus" with a few statistics underneath concerning the baby's weight and length at 9 weeks. That was all. No more details."

Behind the Walls

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Smelly at Grams:

(Photos courtesy of Ms Jay)

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Charlotte Wyatt should be allowed to die peacefully and not be subjected to further aggressive treatment, court says.

"The hospital is trying to get us to pull the plug," said Charlotte's father, Darren Wyatt said before the ruling. Wyatt said, "I cannot do that. I would have to live with that for the rest of my life. I simply cannot make a decision to end Charlotte's life. She has been fighting for 10 months and I'm not prepared to let her down. We need to be able to say we did absolutely everything in our power to help her."

In the hearings, Wyatt told the court "When you grow to love someone, you can't just throw them away." The Wyatts, who are devout Christians, hold that life has inherent value in spite of suffering. The Wyatts will not be appealing the decision.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004
Here's another one by Jill Stanek - you go, girl!

113 things Planned Parenthood hates about President Bush

"Reading PP's complaints against Bush requires skill in the dead language of Abortion Distortion. Fortunately, I am fluent and can translate.

For instance, PP's 36th reason to hate Bush is: "Extreme anti-choice zealot John Ashcroft proposed for U.S. attorney General (December 22, 2000)."

Translation: "Anyone professing to be a pro-life Christian is disqualified from participating in any aspect of government. They repulse us like garlic repulses Dracula, like water repulses the Wicked Witch of the West."

Reason to Hate Bush #42 is, "HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson announces new rules making fetuses, but not pregnant women, eligible for prenatal care in the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) (March 5, 2002)."

This translation is tricky, because more was unsaid than said. Here goes: "Ooowee, this was a biggie. HHS expanded its health coverage of children from low-income families to include preborn babies, so their mothers can get prenatal care. To do so, HHS redefined children as existing 'from conception through birth up to age nineteen.'

This rule change darn near froze the cold blood running through our veins, because it clearly poses a danger to Roe v. Wade. We pray to the dark side no one will connect this to Supreme Court Justice Blackmun's ominous statement in his majority opinion that legalized abortion:

The appellee.. argue that the fetus is a 'person' within the language and meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment.. If this suggestion of personhood is established, the appellant's case, of course, collapses, for the fetus' right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the Amendment.

As you might expect, our first inclination was to scream like banshees when HHS gave health benefits to intrauterine blobs of cells. This is what we usually do to frighten limp-appendaged politicians into seeing things our way. But we pragmatically muzzled ourselves. Our second inclination was to file a lawsuit against HHS, but we had no cause of action. We couldn't produce a plaintiff harmed by this regulation. Thus, we can't do anything about this one. This sort of problem is surfacing more often lately. Quick! Where's the muzzle? We feel a shriek coming on!"

Whew! That was a toughie to translate. But rewarding."

Alexa swing by at 4:50 PM

I have been reading the testimonies again. Let me tell you that it wasn't easy, reading them. With every one, I am reminded of where I've been, how or what it was like. I get emotional. Affected even. I'm not a cry baby, I'm just human.

Can't help noticing how most of us refer to what we went through, getting pregnant, that is, as a "mistake". I admit that finding out that you were pregnant can be a frightening thing, especially if you are unmarried like me, or not in a stable relationship. I remembered how I cried that night, on that chilly evening May 2003. I think most of us reacted the same way, but everything was different for me after the first ultrasound, when I walked out of Dr John's office. In fact, after the initial shock has worn off, I actually began to embrace motherhood and the fact that I am expecting a child, that there was a life, a baby - my baby - growing inside of me. I actually liked being pregnant. Norma used to tell me how I was glowing. Of course abortion seemed like the only logical thing to do (at the time) and it was especially difficult with everyone around you telling you that you have no choice but to abort, that it would be for the best, ya-da ya-da and how it would 'fix everything'. The head said yes, but the heart screamed.

Looking back, I realized what a journey this has been. It was difficult, I'm not going to lie about that, but it was worth it. Still, amidst all that, I never once looked at my pregnancy as a "mistake". How can my baby be a "mistake" when he is a gift from God? Perhaps the only mistake I made was, giving his father a chance to disappoint me, us.

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This is an inspiring story of a 98-year-old man who stood vigil outside an abortion center to save lives:

".. a woman came up to him one day and said she'd decided to continue her pregnancy after approaching the center and seeing his sign. She told Hite that, as a result, she had a 9-year-old daughter"

Alexa swing by at 1:15 PM

A Chinese woman who lost her job and was forced to have an abortion after she became pregnant has been imprisoned and tortured by Chinese officials. The actions have sparked outrage within the international human rights community.

".. She refused to have an abortion, which Chinese population control officials mandated. Since then, Mao has continued to complain to the Chinese government about what happened, asking officials to allow her to return to work and to restore other basic rights she has been denied. Instead, according to a Voice of America report, Shanghai authorities apprehended Mao and imprisoned her. In April, they forced her to an 18-month sentence of "re-education" in a concentration camp... she was bound, hand and foot and suspended in mid-air and subjected to beatings [to] her limbs and abdomen -- very severe forms of torture"

Alexa swing by at 9:31 AM

Wednesday, October 06, 2004
This is for all the bitches who had conveniently insisted that my baby boy was a "clump of cells", no-not-a-human-being-he-has-no-soul-dahling-so-okay-to-kill.

Alexa swing by at 3:10 PM

Yet another cover up: Like big tobbaco, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists covers up abortion/cancer link

"The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer condemns a statement from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG) saying, "Induced abortion is not associated with an increased breast cancer risk." This represents a reversal from its position in 2000 when the RCOG's guidelines said the research was methodologically sound and "could not be disregarded." [1]

"Five months after the 2000 guidelines were published," said Karen Malec, president of the coalition, "some left-leaning journalists, unconcerned about escalating breast cancer rates, turned up the political heat. The RCOG quietly removed the offending guideline. That shows what the RCOG was willing to reveal when its leaders believed it was politically safe to do so."

There are recognized and contested breast cancer risks of abortion. Recognized reproductive risk factors include: childlessness, small family size, delayed first full term pregnancy (FFTP) and little or no breastfeeding. Such childbearing patterns account for at least 50% of all breast cancer cases in developed nations. [2,3] Nevertheless, the RCOG declined to finger abortion as a cause of breast cancer.

"Any doctor or medical group that denies a cause-effect relationship is either lying or is uninformed," said Mrs. Malec. "The words, 'Abortion raises breast cancer risk,' stick in the throats of abortion enthusiasts. Like the tobacco industry whose executives put financial interests above human lives, abortion zealots would rather see thousands die than harm their industry." "

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As you do not know what is the way of the wind, or how the bones grow in the womb of her who is with child, so you do not know the works of God who makes all things.

- Ecclesiastes 11:5

Alexa swing by at 2:13 PM

And this is from Ashli's Sidewalk Talk Tuesday.

Alexa swing by at 12:50 PM

Deanna Williams didn't have to say a word. Her sign reading "Abortion Hurts Women" said it all for her. Williams knows of that hurt. When she was 16, Williams had an abortion. It's a choice that has caused her mental, emotional and physical pain. A choice she's regretted ever since.

(Thanks to Emily at After Abortion for the link)

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
"It yanked the baby out of me, tugging at it. The vacuum was very loud. I was hysterical and nobody seemed to care."

(Extracts of a testimony)

A band of evildoers has encompassed me; they pierced my hands and my feet. I can count all my bones. They look, they stare at me.

- Psalms 22:16-17

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'What if Roe fell?'

Well, abortion would be illegal in 30 states if Roe vs Wade decision is overturned. More here.

Alexa swing by at 4:40 PM

Read and wept:

"Brenda Pratt Shafer, a nurse who worked briefly at one of (Martin) Haskell's clinics, witnessed close up the partial-birth abortion of a baby boy who she said was at 26 and a half weeks.

"I stood at the doctor's side and watched him perform a partial-birth abortion on a woman who was six months pregnant," Shafer related. "The baby's heartbeat was clearly visible on the ultrasound screen. The doctor delivered the baby's body and arms, everything but his little head. The baby's body was moving. His little fingers were clasping together. He was kicking his feet.

"The doctor took a pair of scissors and inserted them into the back of the baby's head, and the baby's arms jerked out in a flinch, a startle reaction, like a baby does when he thinks that he might fall. Then the doctor opened the scissors up. Then he stuck the high-powered suction tube into the hole and sucked the baby's brains out. Now the baby was completely limp. I never went back to the clinic. But I am still haunted by the face of that little boy. It was the most perfect, angelic face I have ever seen.""

We talk about the atrocities of the war (in Iraq). But this, this is the kind of atrocity that takes place everyday, at home. And what are we gonna do about that?

Alexa swing by at 1:53 PM

Uh-uh. Received a note from the NRLC today RE: this article. The Weekly Standard reported that Kerry receive contributions from three most prominent practitioners of late abortion for his campaign. Hmph. This report also examines what this connection reveals about Kerry's real positions on abortion-related policy issues.

Why are we not surprised?

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My heroes at After Abortion have got some really excellent articles and updates daily. Annie posted two compelling testimonies, and stories of extraordinary courage on Monday which left me in awe - a must-read, so be sure to check them out. Hopefully these stories will open our hearts, humble us and give us mere mortals the clarity to see things from a completely different perspective.

After all, the distance between lucid clarity and unknown upheaval.. and redemption is but our debts away.

Blessed Be.

Alexa swing by at 10:31 AM

Monday, October 04, 2004
Charlotte Wyatt:

"An array of doctors, known only by their initials, testified to the misery of Charlotte's life. Born at 26 weeks, she weighed 458 grams and measured a pencil's length. Almost a year on, her brain is undeveloped, her heart and lungs are damaged and she has been resuscitated several times. Her consultants, adamant that a dying child should not be made to suffer any more, are seeking high court permission to let her die next time her breathing fails.

Sometimes, Dr E told the court, Charlotte's suffering reached 'an unbearable level'. Her emotional responses, though vestigial, allowed her 'to have anguish on her face, to writhe around, to cry out'. Charlotte's parents listened, their faces weary and impassive, as if they could not recognise their child in this account. To Darren and Debbie Wyatt, Charlotte is 'a fighter' whose recovery is in God's hands."

Should the court decide if she should live or die? Do they even have the rights to refuse resuscitation, to decide on the fate of this tiny person? Or would death be a more dignified demise, a release from the 'bad life'?

Alexa swing by at 1:59 PM

Providing women with loving options to abortion

* The Central Indiana Crisis Pregnancy Center counsels and serves 10,000 Central Indiana women each year at 10 clinics in Marion and surrounding counties. All counseling and visits are confidential and free.

Alexa swing by at 1:32 PM

President Bush don't talk about it on the campaign trail. Kerry discusses it only before small gatherings of supports. Bush and Kerry downplay abortion to keep from turning off swing voters. But people on both sides want to hear more. In fact, 2% of voters view abortion as a top issue.

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